Taurus Rising: What It Means If Your Ascendant Is Taurus

Taurus Rising: What It Means If Your Ascendant Is Taurus

A Taurus ascendant adds a groovy and boisterous energy to any Sun and Moon combination.

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Unlike your star sign, your ascendant requires an exact time of birth. I recommend Astro-Charts or Astrotheme. To read what exactly an ascendant sign is, click here. ?Rising sign? is the same as. your ascendant.

Image for postThe AS/DC/MC/IC are exact perpendicular points to each other that represents the most important areas of our lives ? identity, family, friends/lovers, and ultimately our soul?s purpose.

A Taurus ascendant adds a groovy and boisterous energy to any Sun and Moon combination.

Simplistic, carefree, and bougie boho, a Taurus rising appears to have it all. Their happy go lucky disposition is a charm in its own right. They?re known for being gregarious and full of life, but they?re equally as down-to-earth.

However, what distinguishes them from other ascendants is their need for downsizing from an abundant life into something more meaningful and contributive. Having a generous amount of attention, support, resources, and even expectations in the native?s upbringing pushes them to want a life of simplicity yet purpose.

Taurus ascendants have a distinct RBF, but their appearance is symmetrically attractive.

The ascendant rules our appearances, though the native?s Sun and Venus sign should still be considered. Taurus rules the throat, tongue, and vocal cords in medical astrology ? which, is what contributes to their well defined and symmetrical facial features. It?s what gives them RBF, though they?re kind and are likely spacing off to where they aren?t realizing their expressions.

Taurus placements intuitively rest their tongue at the roof of their mouth (correct tongue posture)?? therefore stimulating the pineal gland and promoting upward facial growth. Defining attributes include high rise cheek bones, a sharp jaw line, pronounced neck area (either long or wide), and a slightly rounded diamond shaped face. As Venus is their chart ruler, they have a gentle yet seductive allure with their protruding eye shape and fuller lips. A properly postured tongue also activates our pineal glands, which is why many have strong clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities.

Taurus ascendants are a lot more eccentric than they are conservative.

Granted this placement comes with reserved and frank mannerisms, noting them as ?conservative? the way many do with Taurus in general? eh, no. They?re quite progressive and eccentric. Perhaps not weird, but, Taurus placements like to stand out no matter how ?chill? they are.

Many go through little phases of experimentation with their appearance, style, creative talents, and public presence ? taking on a ?socially unacceptable?, unconventional, impractical, or perhaps rebellious approach in expressing their truest selves.

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Every Taurus ascendant has nadir in either Leo or Cancer.

Nadir (known as the IC) is the exact opposite point of the midheaven marking the 4th house cusp?? the house of family, upbringing, and home life.

Leo IC suggests one who grew up in the spotlight?? whether it?s being the only child, favorite sibling, the popular kid, teacher?s pet, or were literally famous. Anything where the native felt they were held to an inherently high standard or put front and center. Perhaps they were more fortunate or spoiled growing up.

Keeping in mind the artistic and performative abilities of Taurus, it?s unsurprising to see them as the center of attention at a young age because of their unique attributes. Of course, they seemingly don?t mind it until they develop a certain level of self-awareness that they have a right to be the individual they want to be.

Cancer IC is usually similar to Leo IC; however, it often involves more caretaker responsibilities and impositions in the home life. Rather than needing to be less, Cancer IC is more about claiming success for themselves and their own sense of achievement. Family legacy is also important, as they?ll either have a strong sentiment for the family name and ancestry -or- they look to break away from it and establish their own legacy.

Every Taurus ascendant has a Scorpio descendant.

The descendant in astrology is the exact opposite point of the ascendant marking the 7th house cusp???the house of relationships, partnerships, and exchange.

A Scorpio descendant can add secrecy to how they express themselves around those in their inner circles. Dare to be different Taurus longs for the world to see their more authentic side. The challenges that arise with a Leo IC, however, includes feeling like living a show for everyone else. They grew up feeling they didn?t have a safe space to express their true selves due to the others? reprimands.

Taurus ascendants are usually talented from the get go. Matter of fact, family and peers like their personality so much they don?t want Taurus to change. Taurus is open to change?? their issue is a need to please those they love. The validation they received growing up was nice? until, they realized they?re becoming something more eccentric than people expected. They already restrict what emotions they express, and feeling as if their evolving self isn?t welcomed pushes them to conform.

The qualities of a Scorpio descendant mainly surface with matters pertaining to the IC (not so much daily life). It?s usually the first nodal or Saturn return when the native comes these realizations?? stepping into their Aquarius or Capricorn midheaven. As it?s everything in the native?s destiny to embrace their eccentricity and spunk.

Every Taurus ascendant has either an Aquarius or Capricorn midheaven.

The midheaven (known as the MC) in astrology is a mathematically calculated point based on the ascendant. It marks the 10th house cusp of career, life purpose, and achievement.

Both an Aquarius and Capricorn MC suggest the native to be tactful, organized, and highly considerate of other people in areas of career and livelihood. No matter the creative potential they have, they?re more likely to put it second to a career that involves something meaningful. They have a strong sense of humanity, to include social and cultural awareness.

With an Aquarius midheaven, there?s an overwhelming need to do good. Contribution is of great importance to them and how they ultimately show up in the world. Then again, they have a rebellious side to them where any career or pursuit of theirs is values based. It?s common to see them pursue careers in areas such as [but not limited to]: business, community organizing, marketing, social media influencing, commentary, political campaigning, activism, or anything related.

Given the native has more artistic placements, they?re more specifically drawn to the performing arts?? such as acting, modeling, sports, coaching, music, crafting, building, or anything where creativity is channeled through physicality. Their spatial abilities may incline them to visual art, though many result to this as a hobby. These abilities are especially pronounced in Capricorn midheaven natives with more technical placements, inclining them towards areas like finance, engineering, and scientific research?? specifically in areas such as physics, geology, geography, sociology, or psychology.

Which, don?t be surprised if their life?s work has at least some internationality to it. Perhaps not as globally curious as a Sagittarius midheaven, but, what they?re inclined towards often involves working with other brands, companies, non profits, and cultures globally. International business and relations are also possible career tracks. Though many Capricorn MCs take on much of the Aquarius MC, with the exception that Capricorn MCs are more likely to have strong religious pursuits than Aquarius MC.

In conclusion: Taurus ascendants are old souls looking to crank it up a few notches.

Our ascendant reveals much about where our souls are at in its evolution. A Taurus ascendant suggests the soul came into this world to outgrow their need for fixture and the mundane. They start off in their Leo MC living lavish (or lighthearted, in the very least). The Scorpio descendant then pushes them to introspect and reserve how they relate to others. Discovering their right to be the individual they want to be pushes them to fulfill the Aquarius/Capricorn MC?s demand for being part of the solution rather than problem.

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