Subliminal Eye Color

Subliminal Eye Color

Okay? before I get into this, I just have to say this more of a question then a general argument (I just wanted to hop on the train before it leaves the station). Just awhile ago I?ve heard of: you can change your eye color with sound frequencies, my first thought was like? huh? Generally speaking I?ve heard this from a friend, he said there?s results from actually doing this, but the thing is that the results are shown after 9?12 days or more? Here?s the video I?ve seen? The results:

?Uh huh?

Then I had some questions after watching this. One, I had to ask my friend where?s the evidence that this actually works and this isn?t staged and two how do we know if she is just wearing contacts supporting this claim? Before I waste my energy, memory, and anime watching time I wanted to make this post just so people can answer my question about this general thesis. But before getting into my actual question about this, Let?s run back on what I?ve learned about the topic and what I and you should know. One how do we actually change our eye color? OK putting this aside cause this seems to be opinionated crossed others and not proven to be a fact, there?s 2 ways how to change eye color. The first way is to go-to through surgery the second is contacts, these are actually legit. Now we should know that, but this probably going to leave a question with the following, Can eye colors change overtime? well yes and no, since this is rare occurrence and only could happen through genetics or injury.

Now let?s get into the actual subliminal eye color changing shit. I?ve been through and out the internet searching for scientific facts, arguments, and articles about this. And to be honest I haven?t found any facts about this ?thesis? but I didn?t come empty handed, I?ve stumbled on something called ?Biokinesis?. This is only ?science-e? thing I can find about this topic this ?Biokinesis? seems to be the reason to changing your DNA through ?the power of your mind? basically psychokinesis.

How Biokinesis Works?

There are several factors that determine your eye color. A person?s eye color results from the amount and quality of melanin in the part of your eye called iris. The amount of light passing through the iris and the way it scatters gives the color. The color of the iris ranges from light blue to dark brown. The most common colors are blue, green and brown. Brown is the most common eye color as it is more dominant allele.

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On learning biokinesis, you can change your eye color by controlling the amount of melanin and the way the light passes through iris. This can be achieved by controlling your subconscious mind and changing your genes. The best way to practice this is by meditation or using subliminal messages for changing an eye color.

It is believed that, with the help of biokinesis you can change your eye color only to either blue or green or brown. If you think of changing your eye color to any other color such as pink, purple or orange, then biokinesis will not work. This is due to the fact that your subconscious mind already knows that it is unnatural and impossible.

This source above came from here if you wanna read on it a little bit more?

So basically all what this is saying, ?With the power of your mind you can change your genetics and genes?. To me this honestly sounds like bullshit but I can?t fucking judge because even after all the research I did, people still claims that there eye color changes after listening to this subliminal audio/frequencies/music/sound shit.

Okay I?ve found this video, where this young madam claimed that her eyes gotten lighter after doing this procedure. To me I didn?t see no fucking difference but hey I must be fucking blind or some-shit because people in the comments saying ?HOLY SHIT I SEE THE PROGRESS, GOOD FOR YOU, OML HOW CAN I DO THAT??. The last thing I want people to see is this reddit post defending the topic of subliminal eye color change.

nope, it isn’t bullshit. Ive been trying subliminal frequencies for many different things and changing eye color has been one of them. My eye color has actually gotten lighter by listening to those frequencies. it is called biokinese. it is the practice to change your DNA through meditation or hypnosis and also through subliminal. the way it works is that the audio you are listening to, there are several layers of idk music ig lmao and there are subliminal/voices that your conscious mind cant absorb but your subconscious mind can. the more you listen to, the more your mind will absorb those messages. your mind is in control of your entire body, so if the messages tell your mind to reduce the melanin in your eyes to make your eyes lighter, it will do that, but you have to be patient because it does take a while for those messages to be buried deep into your subconscious mind. it varies in each person for when they will get their results, you have to have a strong belief. if you have mind blockages or you doubt it, it wont work because your mind is rejecting it. you have to be positive about it. search up biokinesis on google to understand a bit more about it. And yessss it has worked for meeeee and for a lot of people.

First thing while I noticed while reading this, he doesn?t show proof nor evidence if this shit actually works. Second thing I noticed this kid doesn?t even know what he is talking about? Third thing I?ve noticed other than his misspells I don?t see where he actually talks about where other people could see his eye color change besides him? Okay I?ve probably forgot to explain this first hand. But there been some cases through hypnosis that you can change your eye color but only you can see, to put it in simple terms you or someone else is tricking your mind into making you see the desire color for your iris.

Okay let?s end this off with my questions. One, how can I make believers not be mad at me for posting this. Two, Is all of this true? because to me this seems like bullshit? And three, other than ?power of mind and energy? bullshit is there any actual scientific evidence that can go well this thesis? That?s basically it? because honestly this just sounds like a another flat earth conspiracy.


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