Stree Ending Explained

Stree Ending Explained

Everyone is talking about the latest horror comedy in town, which is in equal measures funny and scary. This is a humble attempt to explain the climax of the movie, which is intriguing audience.

This is not meant for the viewer, who hasn?t watched the movie yet. Please don?t read further because I don?t want to spoil your fun.

For others, read on.This explores various angles of explaining the puzzling end.

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Scenario 1

Shraddha Kapoor was the Stree all along

This is the most implausible theory of them all. There are many questions, which rise if we explore this theory. Now if we go by this premise, then we are taking into consideration certain factors:

  1. Stree has a human doppelganger, which can project itself simultaneously any time anywhere.
  2. Stree can appear as a human even in day time.
  3. The movie was all about the test. Stree visited Rajkumar Rao?s character to see whether he can pass the test and the test was whether he would kill her at the heat of the moment when he had the chance.

These points support this theory

  1. Every year she comes to the village to find true love but fails till she finds Rajkumar Rao.But she needs to know whether he truly loves her or not.
  2. There is a point when Rajkumar Rao is waiting for Shraddha Kapoor and he starts daydreaming and the Stree appears. Maybe its not a dream after all?
  3. Shraddha Kapoor goes out on a date with Rajkumar and deserts him in a forest with nothing. Was it a ploy to take him away from his friends, so she could possess one of them? One doppelganger creates a ruse, while the other gets to one of his friends.
  4. In the climax fight, Shradhha harps on the fact that Rajkumar should use the magical knife on Stree to kill her. Its actually a test of love. One part of Stree is egging Rajkumar to actually kill her. When Rajkumar says ?No? he passes the test.
  5. The witch -doppelganger entity comes full circle when she attaches her ponytail at the end and becomes one and contented with the thought she found true love in Rajkumar.
  6. She visits the village at the end to check whether she is being respected.

Believable quotient : 2 out of 5(This theory is the most harebrained and to explain it, we have to take huge leaps of faith and fiction and fact ? However the more I explore this theory it actually starts making sense)

Scenario 2

Shraddha is a witch and she comes to the village to steal Stree?s powers, which is locked in her ponytail

This premise is quite believable and explains many aspects. This premise explores the idea that Shraddha in her own right is a witch and is trying to become powerful. She knows that Stree has a lot of powers which would make her an invincible as well as a invisible witch. She exploits Rajkumar to get him to kill Stree but her plan goes haywire at the end, when he refuses to kill her. So then she goes for Plan B,which is cut the ponytail of Stree. Rajkumar somehow manages to do that and she gets hold of that in the ensuing confusion at the end.

In the end she integrates the ponytail with her hair, which is usually where all the powers of a witch are locked and she becomes a super powerful witch.

Believable quotient : 4 out of 5 ( Very plausible and probably the right theory)

Scenario 3

Stree possesses Shraddha at the end of the fight and then she becomes Stree with all her powers restored once she integrates her ponytail with her hair.

This premise is also quite believable and explains many aspects. This premise means that Stree when she had paralyzed Shraddha during the fight, actually transfers her malevolent self into Shraddha, when she realizes Rajkumar has crept up behind her to strike her. She does so???because she is not sure whether he is going to kill her with the magical dagger or cut her ponytail.

In the end she integrates the ponytail with her hair and becomes Stree with all her powers restored.

Believable quotient : 3 out of 5 ( Plausible again!!!)

Scenario 4

Stree controls Shraddha and manipulates her into manipulating Rajkumar Rao to do everything.

Stree can control people. She possesses Rajkumar?s friend and controls him to do her bidding. If she can do that. Why can?t she do the same with Shraddha? Shraddha?s presence is also too much of a Red Herring. She seems to be everywhere at the right time at the right place. She also behaves very strangely with Rajkumar when she goes out with him on their first date night out. She basically deserts him in the middle of a dark forest. What is her motivation? It means that Stree was actually controlling Shraddha all along. There is a subtle difference between this scenario and the first one. In the first one Stree is essentially projecting a part of her in Shraddha, while this one means Shraddha is being completely controlled by her.

Either ways it means Stree holds all the marbles and strings in this game, where she wants to find out for certain whether there is a true love waiting for her somewhere to free her.

Believable quotient : 2 and a half out of 5 ( Lil far fetched but plausible again!!!)

Scenario 5

Shraddha is the daughter of Stree and she comes to the village to exorcise the spirit of her dead mother

Shraddha is the daughter of Stree and comes to the village every year to exorcise the spirit of her dead mother. She finally hits the jackpot when she finds Rajkumar Rao. Then ? everything she does is to guide him to a point where he can diminish the anger of her mother and also win back the respect for her mother in the village. She also wants to be a part of her mother?s legacy. To do that ? she needs her ponytail to maintain the witchcraft lineage, which she gets at the end.

There are two aspects in the movie, which seems to support this theory.

  1. Shraddha says she has lost a close relative to Stree. What she probably means is her mother to the rage of this paranormal existence.
  2. She never enters a Mandir because of her aversion to sacred places as her mother was shunned as a witch by the village.

Believable quotient : 3 and a half out of 5 ( The Christie theory!!!)

Well ? hope you enjoyed reading my stupid theories.

Bye Bye ? do catch Stree immediately ? Its a roar and a riot and a rain of laughter and scares!!!!

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