Strat From Pro: Minion Dematerializer

Strat From Pro: Minion Dematerializer

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There?s nothing more satisfying than getting the last minion for Level 6. However, Pirean of SK Gaming took it to a new level in the LEC match vs Origen.

Minion Dematerializer is a runic item for instant execution. After the 4:00 mark, you may use it up to 6 times to instantly consume a lane minion. Each use also permanently increases your damage to that particular type of minion.

The item also procs other effects. For example, the Ravenous Hunter rune that heals you for 1.5?14% of ability, on-hit, and item damage. This health boost was the deciding factor in Pirean surviving an all-in from Nukeduck.

Dematerializer may be used for all-ins of your own. Apply it to the cannon minion, receive a surprising Level 6, and go ham on your unsuspecting foe. Be careful about your positioning though. If the opponent levels up while you?re diving, it?s going to be very easy for them to turn the attack around.

The item also works well for spectacular engages. Imagine an ally Thresh coming to your lane. The enemy hides behind a minion. You disintegrate it. Death Sentence connects. The opponent dies. And scene!

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