Still Alive: Mysterio-us Jake Gyllenhaal plans in Spider-Man 3 — DKODING

Still Alive: Mysterio-us Jake Gyllenhaal plans in Spider-Man 3 — DKODING

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Marvel has best-developed several rogue galleries in comics and their supervillains are well-versed at faking death.

It looks like Jake Gyllenhaal will be coming back from the dead in Spider-Man 3. At the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, we saw Mysterio aka Jake Gyllenhaal dead. However, it seems that he is not really dead but only wandering the enclaves of the underworld. In comic books, Mysterio is shown as a trickster who uses death among other illusions to get his own way.

Far From Home ended with SpiderMan and Mysterio?s final battle at the top of Tower Bridge in London, surrounded by killer drones. In the end, Mysteriogot shot by a ricocheting bullet. The scared Peter Parker asks his AI glasses EDITH whether he is dead to which EDITH assured him that this was no illusion. But the fans have been in doubt ever since. The post-credit scene takes into account what we know about Mysterio?s big plan. It is possible that Jake Gyllenhaal death is not actually what it seems and he could be back in Spider-Man 3.

What a future Spider-Man ? Mysterio Duel will look like?

The fight will look like nothing more than Spider-Man creating a menace to fight, in the name of making himself look like a hero. Through his own death at the hands of SpiderMan, Mysterio would become a martyr. All he had to do is lure our true hero into the right set of circumstances (read Booby Trap).

The biggest twist in the movie is that Mysterio is actually a bad guy. The former employee of Stark Industries who manipulates Peter into giving him Tony?s EDITH glasses so he can use Stark drones to enhance his own illusion technology. Mysterio wants to create a high-level threat which he will defeat on his own and become the greatest superhero there is.

Jake Gyllenhaal?s recent hints

Jake Gyllenhaal recently had a Q&A session with Google dedicated to his show, Sea Wall/A Life. Most of the Q&As were related to him being in the MCU. He got cagey when asked whether or not Mysterio could return in a Sinister Six movie. To this Gyllenhaal jokingly said, ?Oh, dude. Dude. Wow. Wow. In answer to a fan issue raised at Google?s Sea Wall/ A Life Talks at the Google Panel, I mean, I mean, I believe- you know, I mean you know.? He even drops his mic to avoid giving an answer.

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It is possible that SpiderMan: Far From Home?s central theme could mainly be?don?t believe your eyes.? This makes Mysterio?s death rather suspicious in the latest part of the Spider-Man movie franchise. Mysterio had been working with Tony Stark?s drone technology for almost a year and there?s no reason he couldn?t have worked out how to trick EDITH.

Why do we think Mysterio?s comeback is certain?

Our argument is based on the fact that Mysterio seems to have shifted to a fallback plan after SpiderMan began to destroy the drones. The producer Amy Pascal, when asked about Mysterio?s death had said, ?You don?t know.? Director Jon Watts agreed, ?Its Mysterio, who knows? He certainly appeared dead.?

The movie?s executive producer Eric Carrollproposed that Mysterioaka Jake Gyllenhaal might be present during his Spider-Man: Far From Home trip to the future films.

Or maybe Sony will do a standalone film with Mysterio

However, it is possible that there could be some other plans for Mysterio. Sony has long been looking in making a Sinister Six movie for which they team up with various Spider-Man villains. But the deal between Marvel and Sony recently has broken down. That means that plans for the group of villains on the large screen would happen sooner rather than later. This also means that faking death in Spider-Man was a long-term plan for Mysterio?s character.

Spider-Man screenwriter Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers have started making the script of Spider-Man 3. As per Tom Holland, ?It?s really interesting; we have the thoughts on how to expand the universe of SpiderMan and add fresh personalities to it. It?s interesting to cross with others.? A lot of mystery surrounds the ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Phase 4 will probably give us those answers sooner than we think so for now.

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