Steps to turn off icloud music library

iCloud Music Library is the music storage service provided by Apple. It is the repository for all the music saved or downloaded by users from the Apple Music or iTunes Match. If a user has a subscription of Apple Music or iTunes Match then he/she can stream and download music for free.

However sometimes iCloud Music Library can be buggy. Uses can also face errors in using it like album artwork can get missed or mismatched, the live tracks can get matched to studio versions and there can be incorrect metadata etc. Also sometimes the music can disappear. Therefore users may face the need to disable the iCloud Music Library. If you want to Disable icloud music library and don?t know the steps to do so hen this blog can help you.

Steps to disable iCloud Music Library

  • Open your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
  • Now select the Settings option. It is shaped like a gear button.
  • After you open it, scroll down. You will see the Music option.
  • Open it.
  • Now you will find the iCloud Music Library option.
  • Beside it there will be a switch.
  • Press it to turn off the iCloud Music Library.

This is how you can easily disable the iCloud Music Library. However when you will disable it you will not be able to access the cloud based copy of your iTunes music library. You will also not be able to stream your matched or uploaded music tracks on other devices. You will also no longer have access to your songs saved from Apple Music catalog. But you will still have access to your purchased iTunes content. You will be able to stream it across your devices.

If you have any help or you are facing any trouble in turning off your iCloud Music Library then you can contact the customer service support of Apple. They are highly skilled people who have all knowledge. They will provide you instant solutions.


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