Steps to Check active network connections in Windows

If you want to see the active network connections in your Windows computer, then you can check it in Network and Sharing Menu, Network connections folder, and by using ?netstat? command. In all the versions of Microsoft Windows, you check active network connections with these methods. Windows 10 users can open the Network and Sharing Center. And the ?netstat? command can be used in all other versions of Windows. With this command tool, you can check the problems and the network traffic.

How to access Network and Sharing Menu in Windows (Windows 7 & 10)

Network and Sharing Center is where you can check the type of connection you?re connected to and the status of the network.

1. Click ?Start.?

2. Click ?Settings?.

3. Under Network & Internet, click ?Ethernet.?

4. On the right side, click ?Network & Sharing Center.?

5. Click the ?icon? next to ?Connections:? It should correspond to the type of connection your device is connected with like Ethernet or Wireless.

6. On the connection status windows, click the ?Details?? button.

Here you can check the details of the network connection you?ve.

How to access the network connections folder in Windows (Windows 7)

1. Click the ?Start? button.

2. Enter ?ncpa.cpl? in the search bar.

3. Press ?Enter?.

4. Open ?ncpa.cpl? from the result.

5. Network connections folder will open. Here you can see all the connections available on your network.

6. Select the connection you want to enable or disable and check its status.

7. Right click on the connection and select ?Status? from the options.

8. On the connection status windows, here you can see the details of the network connection.

9. Click the ?Details?? button for more information.

How to use the netstat command to view network connections

1. Click the ?Start? button.

2. Enter ?cmd? into the search bar to open the command prompt.

3. Wait for command prompt (black window) to appear. This is the window where you?ll enter the ?netstat? command.

4. Enter ?netstat -a? to view current connections.

When you run netstat command, a list of current TCP (Transmission Control Protocol connections and ports) with the details like computer name, local address, remote address, state, etc. will display.

5. Enter ?netstat -b? to see the programs using connections.

6. Enter ?netstat -n? to see the IP addresses.

When you run this command, it will also show the TCP list but with the IP address of the computers or services instead of their name.

7. Enter ?netstat /?? to view the more commands available for you.

That?s it! Check the active network connections in any version of Windows computer with this command.

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