Southwest Cancelled Flight Due to Weather-Compensate For Flight Delayed or Cancellation

Southwest Cancelled Flight Due to Weather-Compensate For Flight Delayed or Cancellation

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How Southwest Airlines Compensate For Its Delayed Or Cancelled Flights

Delayed or cancelled flights when cancelled by the airline can be very frustrating to the passengers. But this is also important to know why it happens. Well, in simple words, this mostly happens due to uncontrollable events especially bad weather. Here bad weather means the extremely badly effective natural circumstances that are just unavoidable at any cost. These circumstances can be very dangerous and hazardous for any flight to take off.

Southwest Airlines without any doubt is one of the most talked about airlines in the world. This airline company has always been in passenger?s mind for its amazing services. Southwest compensation policy is indeed one of the most appreciated policies in the world. It provides a great relief to its passengers for their cancelled or delayed Southwest flights.

But before we move on to know the compensation policy and process of Southwest Airlines, let?s try to understand what is flight compensation and passenger?s rights to it.

According to the United States department of transportation guidelines, any airline company cannot legally compensate its passengers for their delayed flight departure or not taking off at all. However, it is up to the airline companies to figure out how they are going to provide compensation for their valuable money and time. Now Southwest Airlines provides reimbursement to its customers in accordance to fulfill their satisfaction. Let?s see how the company compensates to its passengers for its delayed or cancelled flights under extremely bad weather conditions.

Compensation Policy For Delayed Or Cancelled Flights: Southwest Airlines

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It is crucial to understand that weather conditions are one of the most unavoidable situations to restrict flight departure. But as a passenger, we are entitled to the compensation for our flight ticket. Here is what happens when Southwest cancelled flight due to weather.

If your Southwest flight has been cancelled or delayed by at least 90 minutes the airline company will re-book you on it?s another flight. You will also be provided a travel voucher of worth $100 and the refund amount of your flight ticket.

In the event, if Southwest is unable to provide you another flight within the 2 hours then the value of your travel voucher will increase up to $300. Also, you will be put to ?priority standby? status.

If your next Southwest flight arrives after the 2 hours after your original scheduled flight then the values for your travel voucher increase up to $1350 including the amount of your original ticket.

The increment number in the value of your travel voucher can vary depending on the situations and airport.

The travel voucher can be used for booking next flight in future. Since, you?ll not be able to book your next flight with any other airline company then this travel voucher can become handy.

If you do not want to travel via your next re-booked flight then you can request for refund online on the official website of Southwest Airlines.

Therefore aforementioned points are the important ones that you must know. Now, another most important thing is to know how you can apply for the refund after your Southwest flight has been canceled due to weather. Here?s is how to do it.

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How To Apply For Refund On Your Southwest Cancelled Flight Due To Bad Weather

Usually, it is recommended to apply for the refund on the Southwest official website. But the one of the advantages for calling the customer service representative is that you can also know the exact cause for refund delays or any other queries. Here is what you need to do while applying for refund on call.

Dial on the Southwest Customer services number

Once you reach to the concerned representative, tell him about your trip details such as flight ticket number, booking code and other details that have been asked from you.

Provide him the details for your payment methods that you have used for purchasing your flight ticket.

The representative will generate the refund process on his end and you?ll receive a refund application number on your email address.

Hence, this was all that you must know when Southwest Cancelled Flight Due to Weather. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to visit Southwest Airlines official website to know more about other flight cancellation policies and details.


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