Soulmate Vs Twin Flame Connection + Differences

Soulmate Vs Twin Flame Connection + Differences

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The differences between Soul Mate Vs the Twin Flame Connection is very interesting, there are similarities, the explosive and intensity separates them both entirely on a very different level. I?m not claiming to be an expert on this matter. Psychology, Body Language, Analysing, Counselling? Yes, so with that now mentioned, this is my take on it all.

A Soulmate Connection / Love And Life

A soulmate is someone that you connect with on a deeper level on an unconditional love basis, where you are both lovingly entwined and have a powerful and dynamic bond that elevates you both through synchronicity, balance and mutual respect, that binds your mind and soul together which is awesome.

A strong love and your hearts are on fire exclusively, directly and equally, but to a balance that fits like a puzzle, honestly and totally in-sync which instantly forms an ideal romantic relationship.

An amazingly beautiful feeling when you both reflect with energies on a frequency level that clicks into place, having the same dreams, values goals with clarity, accuracy and precision, and reflecting as a mirror back to each other in a familiar and trusting way.

Twin Flames intensity levels are at a much higher vibrancy level and depth, there?s a sense of extreme knowing, trusting and synchronicity which is outstanding, and the strong physical tug of the heart strings and emotions, they both can?t simply explain how they can truly connect with each other, speaking the same words quite literally at the same time also.

An interaction with a True Flame can be extremely intense and overpoweringly enough, that many True Flames either back off altogether without forming a romantic relationship, or the complete opposite occurs when the True Flame delves into a romantic relationship, with the need to explore what is already safe.

Twin Flames gravitate towards each other with great impact and intensity, sensing each other?s aura and vibe, both being authentic and real together, they share the same dreams at times, and inwardly speak through each other?s hearts without words. Twin Flames have raw emotions and feelings about each other at the same time, reflecting their innermost strengths and weaknesses to each other as equals, but in a trustful and dynamic way which is very unique and quite special.

It is usually expressed that Twin Flames have a soul connection, they have different bodies and one soul, and usually have a 3?15 age gap, which means nothing when they exclusively are one, The union of Twin Flames coming together is: 11:11, it also has plenty of reasons, a soul connection with significance, and energy shift or transitional point or reunion.

A Soulmate is a strong connection and it doesn?t have to be a romantic partner that you bond with in that way, a soulmate can be your friend, sibling, mother etc.. But with Twin Flames the intensity levels are so heated and magnetic, that it is very clear that they are meant to be together.

If you Ever Meet Your Twin Flame That Person Is Most Definitely The Love Of Your Life

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