Sleep Paralysis Is Caused By Demons

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I was awake but I could not move my body. I was trapped. It felt like being buried alive and waking up trapped in a coffin. Except you?re trapped in your body. You fight and struggle until you?re finally able to break free. That was a typical sleep paralysis episode for me.

What is sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is when you wake up but you are unable to move. Your mind is awake but your body is still asleep.

Why does this happen? The National Sleep Foundation reports that it may be caused by certain sleep conditions or mental conditions such as stress or bipolar disorder and there is no formal treatment for it. I will tell you it happens because you are under a demonic attack.

Demonic Attack

Many people that experience demonic warfare are subjected to sleep paralysis. I started suffering from sleep paralysis as a teenager. I read my horoscope every day and received a Quija board for Christmas one year. I never really used the board but that didn?t matter. Like most kids, I wanted magic and the supernatural to be real. This is a breeding ground for demons no matter how strong your religious faith is.

Demonic spirits can enter someone?s life through a narrow entrance. Satan likes to impersonate the spirit of light and can slither into your life through seemingly innocent ways. Yoga. Horoscopes. Transcendental meditation. Music. Movies. Books. So many things of the world that we allow to infiltrate our minds and physical bodies are utilized by unfriendly spirits seeking to latch on like a parasite.

John 3:16 ?For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.?

John 3:16 was a scripture that I memorized by heart as a child. My spiritual foundation was rooted in this scripture. I grew up thinking everyone knew this Bible verse. It was part of my life. I said my prayers every night. I always asked God for the forgiveness of my sins before I fell asleep.

I believe when you have a Christian foundation but a connection to New Age spirituality through things such as meditation then the battle for your soul is more intense.

When I became an adult I visited psychics for fun with friends, bought books about Tarot Cards, etc. These things seemed harmless. I did not understand at that time that these things are disguised as Spirituality to infiltrate the Christian hearts and minds.

Throughout my adult life, I experienced varying levels of sleep paralysis. I eventually learned how to control it or so I thought. I learned to take control of my dreams and actively participate in them.

I learned to wake up in my dreams which meant that I knew that I was dreaming. This allowed me to take control and manipulate my mind and body into waking up. This is called lucid dreaming. I only recently found out that it has a name and it is something people practicing New Age spirituality strive to do. I did it out of necessity.

My most severe and final attacks came about two years ago. Not only was I unable to awaken but I felt a presence pressing down on me like it was trying to enter my body and I was only able to fight it off by calling out to Jesus. When I would awake I would see a black shadow move about my room.

These attacks were triggered and grew stronger after I started listening to Abraham Hicks. I even had one of Abraham Hick?s upcoming workshops marked on my calendar because I became blinded by Abraham Hick?s bliss propaganda.

Abraham Hicks is a self-described group consciousness from the non-physical dimension. The inspiration of Abraham is brought to us through the physical being of Esther Hicks. They use her body to channel their wisdom.

Blissfully Brainwashed

The Cult Of Abraham Hicks

Abraham Hick?s messages are all about feeling blissful and pleasing your flesh and manifesting your life with your thoughts. Whatever feels good is right. In other words, Abraham Hicks is a group of demons masquerading as love and light. At the time I did not know this.

2 Corinthians 11:14 (ESV) ?And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.?

In the midst of my spiritual battle, a popular psychic medium was putting on a show in my city. As I contemplated if his performance would be worth seeing I felt nagging at me, telling me to stay away. I?ve lost people close to me and wouldn?t it be wonderful to know if they are doing well on the other side? Still, I couldn?t shake the feeling that something just didn?t feel quite right.

I sat on my balcony one evening with my bible and I just happened to open it right up to a verse that opened my eyes about mediums. The Bible warns us to stay away from them. I went online and found many stories of people leaving the new age spirituality practices and finding Jesus. I had no idea that the law of attraction and manifesting was rooted in New age spirituality. New Age spirituality has occult roots. This was all new to me but it finally made sense.

Steven Bancarz, From New Age To Jesus

Jesus is the only way to Salvation.

Doreen Virtue

On The Subject of Angel Cards

Many Christians are deceived. You cannot serve two masters. Manifesting and the law of attraction is about you creating. Some even go as far as to call themselves little gods. There is only one master, one God and we are not him.

The veil over my eyes was lifted. I finally understood. The spiritual hunt was over. Jesus is the only way to salvation. I have not had a sleep paralysis episode since calling out to Jesus during an episode.

I know that the only change I made in my life that stopped sleep paralysis was rebuking any demons around me in the name of Jesus.

I am a member of a private Sleep paralysis support Facebook group where more than 18 thousand sufferers share their experiences. People are desperately looking for answers to put an end to the torment. I found my answers in the Bible.

Scientific studies have helped explain some of the aspects of sleep paralysis but science has not offered an explanation for the visions of spirits and demons and feelings of being touched or held down that sufferers experience.

Medical experts believe sleep paralysis is not dangerous and for some, it can be a symptom of a sleep disorder, such as insomnia, sleep apnea or narcolepsy. If you think you have a sleep disorder and you can not function due to a lack of sleep I urge you to consult a professional medical provider.

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