Secret Extensions Reviews | Does It Really Works or It’s A Scam?

You probably already know that Secret Extensions, endorsed by TV personality Daisy Fuentes, which claims to be invisible hair extension that gives your hair thick, natural-looking volume and added length in seconds. In fact, the company claims over your hair and tousle so that it?s no longer visible.

Secret Extensions states that their product is made of a keratin-conditioned polyester fiber that moves, feels and looks just like your real hair, and is available in a variety of colors to faultlessly merger with your existing hair color. What?s more the company claims their extensions can also be washed, trimmed and curled and that the adjustable headband will remain in place until removed by you, even when you are exercising.

Each 16-inch Secret Extensions is priced at $39.99 plus $6.99 are shipping and handling charges. You will have the ability to purchase a second Secret Extensions for $29.99 which will qualify for free shipping. The main thing about Secret Extensions is that they guarantee you to perfectly blend in with your hair, or they will refund your purchase price within 30 days. However one should keep in mind that guarantee is voided once you open the package, so there is no way to try it out in advance anyway.

If all you want is a longer fuller hairstyle for an evening hair extension can make it happen without waiting for your hair to grow out. And the cost of getting it done professionally can easily be over $1,000 so, many looks or do it yourself extensions as it?s in the budget. A reason that Secret Extension for short hair has become popular is easy to put on and take off hair band. The price point at less than $70, also makes them much more affordable than many other extensions.

Secret Extension Reviews | Product Overview

Hair extensions are used to make hair look longer and more luxurious and made to blend with your natural hair only if they are of good quality. Secret Extensions by Daisy Fuentes are one of the easiest types to use because they?re held in place by a nearly invisible hairband, instead of having to be clipped, glued or sewn onto hair.

Other product features are:

  • 16?? in length
  • 100% polyester fiber so that the extension looks very natural
  • Each color is a blend of about 7?11 shades
  • Easy to wear it as a hair band
  • Can be trimmed if required
  • Can be straightened or curled if desired

As we are researching Secret Extensions review we saw a wide range of prices, depending upon color availability and retailer. You actually pay less than $70 for one secret hair extension.

The main problem is with the company website which is no longer in active mode. So you keep wondering where to by the secret extensions from. You can find them online if you look on site like

Amazon and eBay, but if you purchase from 3rd party seller you will want to read the Secret Extensions reviews to make sure you are getting the product as expected. You may possibly have some luck finding Secret Extensions in stores that sell beauty suppliers or if your local seller has any old stock of the product left with him.

There were a number of the problem reported by the consumer regarding the original version of Secret Extensions. As you can yourself read from the reviews, consumer complains about the inability to curl it, shedding during brushing the extension, stingy volume, suspicious quality, and limited color options. Some users also said that the hairband was not as secret as the name implies but there seemed to be completely subjective and based largely on the user?s hairstyle.

It appears that the makers of the Secret Extension have since hit the drawing board to address two biggest complaints that is volume and color. Indeed the new incarnation features more volume and 11 different colors, which should allow you to more closely match your hair color than the original. Also the quality and inability to curl the extensions seem to be a major issue with clients.

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The issue With The Customer Service Department

The overwhelming majority of online reviews regarding Secret Extensions complain of extremely long shipping times, which is some instances has exceeded two months. On top of this when customers try to contact the company, their customer service reps can?t inform them when their extensions will ship, in addition, to constantly upselling them through the call. With this in mind, we read countless customer reviews that stated their emails to the company went unanswered, so if you need to contact customer service, it is best to do it via phone.

Customer Reviews

  • Do not purchase from this company. I ordered in November, postponed 2 months for the wrong product and have been waiting since then for a replacement. They responded at beginning letting me know the product was back ordered but after several follow up emails on my behalf, they jammed my email. It?s been 6 months and I?ve yet to receive the product I paid for.
  • I?ve placed my order long ago I still haven?t got it. The customer number is false and they never email. I can?t see the position of my order it says to wait 24?48 hours. I ordered 1 week ago
  • The hair is soft and lovely, blends unbelievably well. The headband is extremely comfortable and really makes hair easier to style than without it. Thick, shiny, bouncy hair. Could not look any more natural
  • It?s been 10 days and my order hasn?t even been shipped yet! There is no point waiting a month to get? And if you are experiencing a high volume of orders then you need to tell your customers. This is ridiculous, bigger companies can get my stuff 2 me in less than 10 days, while you guys can?t even tell when it will be shipped after the 10 days! I want to know when it?s coming and how long it takes to get to me. If I had known I?d take this long I would have just paid more and bought a nicer extension. This is just unconditionally ridiculous that it?s taking this long!
  • This review is grounded in customer service as I have not received my order and had to cancel. I purchased the hair February 15 also included accelerated shipping. I got an email confirmation stating my order was ready and will be on its way soon. After two weeks I sent an email asking about my order, never received a response. I finally called customer service who told that the hair was on backorder due to widespread demand. I asked her when it would be complete, she had no clue. All she could provide was possible 2?3 weeks. I told her to cancel my order as I needed the hair for an upcoming vacation and being as late as it was I needed to get extensions elsewhere. I feel this issue could have been solved faster had they only sent an email stating the order was on backorder. In my opinion, this is a dreadful way to do the occupation.
  • I originally used this product when my hair started diminishing due to health issues. I knew my hair would take a while to grow back and I bought these on an urge. I liked them as they came and have pretty much worn them for months. I?ve just put my next order in and just love them so much. Would absolutely recommend!
  • This website was the best I have ever been exposed to. All my questions were answered in the numerous pages of information. I read everything and KNOW I won?t be surprised later with strange products arriving in the mail with a big price tag! I?m excited about receiving my secret extensions. I hope I get the opportunity to tell the world how the extensions worked out.

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It?s not advisable to buy the product. As the long shipping times reputation for poor quality product and customer service that seems not willing to help customers, we recommend purchasing the similar product locally from the market. This way at least you can see the product in person before handing over your hard-earned money, and easily return it if you are not satisfied.

However one must keep in mind that at this price its highly likely you will find high-quality synthetic hair anywhere, regardless of whether your purchase it at a local retailer or elsewhere. This is because the extensions made from the real human hair are typically much more preferable to one made from the synthetic fibers, as a result, come with much higher price tags.

As such you shouldn?t get your hopes up and lead to believe that Secret Extension is anywhere near the quality of those made from real human hair. Ultimately outside of long shipping time, perhaps this is why most of the Secret Extensions customers appear to be disappointed with the product.

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