Seahawks Trade Jimmy Graham After He Sleeps with Russell Wilson’s Girlfriend On First Day In Town

Seahawks Trade Jimmy Graham After He Sleeps with Russell Wilson’s Girlfriend On First Day In Town

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SEATTLE ? The Seattle Seahawks have parted ways with tight end Jimmy Graham, trading him to the Bills for a 3rd Round draft pick. Graham was acquired by the team just three days ago in a deal with the New Orleans Saints.

No Seahawks official will say so on the record, but several sources close to the team have said Graham was dealt after he slept with Russell Wilson?s girlfriend within just a few hours of arriving in town. After the infidelity was revealed, Graham was punched by Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin in the locker room and then promptly dealt to the Jets.

?I don?t know what it is about the women Russell gets with, but they are very easily stolen by his receivers,? said a Seahawks player. ?But the first night Jimmy was in town? That?s a new team record.?

Various rumors linked the end of the quarterback?s marriage last year to an affair between his then-wife and former Seahawks receiver Golden Tate. Tate vehemently denies those rumors, but the story reportedly led to a fight between Tate and Percy Harvin ? who the Seahawks then traded to the Jets.

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Wilson denies everything and said he knows nothing about the Graham story and has been too busy to keep up with the rumor mill.

?Honestly? The offseason really isn?t off for me,? said the quarterback. ?I?ve got a lot to do. That?s why I got my Surface. It?s great for watching game film and drawing up plays. It?s got One Note, so I can stay on top of my to-do list, which has been absolutely absurd since the Big Game. With Skype? It?s just really easy to stay in touch with the kids I work with. Alright, fellas. Back to work.?

With Graham now gone and the Seahawks again without any top-notch targets for Wilson to throw to, front office sources say the team will look to bring in another big target.

?We just need to make it mandatory that all of our receiver contracts from now on explicitly forbid anyone from sleeping with Russell?s lady friends or the whole thing is voided,? said a front office source.


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