RSVP Meaning: What Does RSVP Mean and Stand for?

What is ?RSVP?? What does this texting abbreviation stand for? Learn the definition, usage and other meanings for this internet acronym with interesting conversation examples and ESL infographic.

RSVP Meaning

What Does RSVP Mean?

When receiving an invitation or letter that says ?rsvp? you are expected to respond as to whether or not you plan on attending the event the invitation and/or letter speaks of.

Origin of RSVP

The expression ?rsvp? comes from the French phrase, ?Repondez s?il vous plait? and means ?please respond?.

The proper way to decline an ?rsvp? is with a letter saying, ?I regret to inform you I must decline.? and/or ?RSVP, regrets only.? This is highly recommended for doing if you don?t plan on attending the event. Most commonly an unanswered ?rsvp? is considered to be a simple way of accepting. Sending your regrets is the only true way to stop confusion if you don?t plan on attending.

Conversation Examples

Here are some ways this internet slang word is used.

Example 1:

You receive a beautiful wedding invitation in the mail and after opening it you see that it says, ?Please RSVP.?

Many will do this for weddings and large catered events to ensure they have plenty of food for everyone coming and if you don?t respond back with a yes, more than likely you won?t be welcomed at said event.

Example 2:

Texter 1 : Hey did you send June an rsvp ?

Texter 2 : No I changed my mind.

Texter 1 : Me too, but I still said I was going.

Texter 2 : Well sounds like you have to go.

Texter 2 : Or call her and get out of it.

Here we have a couple of friends talking about a party and if they had told the host whether or not they were coming.

An ?rsvp? wasn?t sent to them, they are simply having a conversation asking each other if they had told the host they were coming or not and the fastest way to ask someone that question especially in a text would be, ?did you rsvp??.

Example 3

Company News Letter : Office party this weekend, all must RSVP by 8 pm.

A simple letter sent to all employees telling them to say yes or no to attending the office party by no later than 8 pm.

Other Meanings

Resource Reservation Protocol

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

Rapid Serial Visual Presentation

Revenue Sharing Value Plan

Recycling Student Volunteer Project

Reserve Seats Via Phone

Resource Reservation Protocol

Regional Smoking Vehicle Program (Texas)

RSVP Meaning Infographic

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