RPNet is the best premium link generator in the market right now

RPNet is the best premium link generator in the market right now

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If you?re looking for a premium link generator, then RPNet is one of the best out there.

RPNet is a premium link generator that lets you download files from multiple filehosts. If you?re shopping around for premium link generators, then chances are you already know what they are and how they function. RPNet supports all the popular filehosts; rapidgator, uploaded, nitroflare, alfafile, katfile, and a bunch of others. At the time of this post, RPNet supports over 55 different filehosts! So if you want to generate a link from Rapidgator, for instance, they?ve got you covered.

RPNet is one of the oldest premium link generators in the scene. They?re active since early 2009, and where most other link generators lack in something or the other, they?re the best across the board. The service includes access to a host of extra features, all included in one price. With RPNet, you can generate premium links from multiple filehosts, as well as download torrents without having to install a torrent client on your PC.

RPNet also includes access to a feature rich, dedicated premium VPN with multiple locations (they constantly add new VPN locations from time to time), as well as a proxy. All of this can be configured from within their extended user control panel. And if this wasn?t enough, RPNet integrates with some of the most popular download managers like JDownloader2, Candisoft Load, as well as Firefox/Chrome plugins to automate your link generation and download completely.

With the number of filehosts and services they support, RPNet is also an excellent choice if you want to use it with Kodi for all your streaming needs. And since they have servers hosted in multiple locations across the globe, you?ll always get your top download/streaming speeds.

Most importantly, though, is that RPNet shines where most other multihosters fail. Their support is outstanding and top notch. Their support usually responds to most tickets within a few hours, sometimes even minutes. If you?re having trouble with a specific part of the service, you can rest assured they will not ignore your issues or forget about you.

And the best part? You don?t need to pay to try them out. Simply sign up for a free account on RPNet, then open a ticket with them and they?ll give you a 3-day limited trial for absolutely FREE! No charges, no credit cards, nothing.

Don?t wait around. If you?re considering signing up for a multihoster or looking to migrate from your existing premium link generator,go check out RPNet TODAY


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