Returning Your Spectrum Equipment

Cable companies don?t make it easy to quit. And one of the most annoying things about canceling cable has to return the cable box in person. You take time off to go to the facility, wait in line, and, even after your number is called, it can still be a pain.

All equipment issued by Spectrum to be used with any Spectrum TV, Spectrum Internet, and Spectrum Voice services remains the property of Spectrum. If you?re thinking to disconnect or downgrading any Spectrum services, you?re responsible for returning any leased equipment to Spectrum.

U.S. Postal Service Return

1) You can simply return the Spectrum equipment by bringing it to any U.S. Postal Service Office.

2) Secure the equipment with the packaging enclosed in your shipping box.

3) Place the pre-paid return label over the real shipping label.

4) Use the U.S. Postal Service Locator tool to search the office nearest you.

The U.S. Postal Service Office can ship the equipment back to us at no charge to you.

Drop Off

You can simply drop off the Spectrum equipment at a Spectrum store. Use the store locator to search out nearest Spectrum store.

Equipment Pickup

Spectrum customers with disabilities could also be eligible to have their equipment picked up by a Spectrum technician. Please contact spectrum live chat for more information or to request an equipment pickup.

Note: This service is available for customers with disabilities only.

Can you return spectrum equipment to UPS?

You may simply return Spectrum equipment by bringing it to any UPS store. ? The UPS Store will handle packaging and shipping back to us at no charge to you. Simply bring your equipment and tell UPS that you?re a Spectrum customer, and they?ll take care of the rest!

Unreturned Equipment Fees

If you don?t succeed to return all rented or leased equipment to Spectrum after you cancel or downgrade your services, an unreturned equipment fee may be charged to your account. This fee will be included in your total account balance.

Learn more about understanding fees and charges on your Spectrum bill pay.

How do you end a spectrum service?

Cancel Service

If you need to cancel any of your Spectrum services, please contact us at customer service.

Note: Spectrum net customers receive a $20 per-line discount on their Spectrum Mobile services.

How do I cancel my charter spectrum?

The most direct contact number to reach this department is support phone number. You?ll be greeted by a regular ?robot menu.? While the menu will not give you the particular name of the department, you?ll reach retention by selecting the option to downgrade or cancel your service.


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