Read This If You Are A Slytherin — Why Slytherin is the Best Hogwarts House

Read This If You Are A Slytherin — Why Slytherin is the Best Hogwarts House

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Go online try to find some articles out there that claim to show why Slytherin is the best house. You won?t be able to find many that are good. You can see they aren?t very deep and don?t have very genuine reasons. Some of are even biased and say that Slytherins are evil. I?m going to be telling you today why Slytherin is the best house with genuine, thoughtful reasons.

If you?re reading this, you?re probably a muggle claiming to be in Slytherin house. Since you were probably sorted into Slytherin by Pottermore and not the Sorting Hat, you might not actually be a Slytherin. But let?s put those reasons aside because that is another topic to talk about another day. First off, let me just say that Pottermore, as great as a website it is, their article ?6 reasons why it?s great to be a Slytherin? (which in the link the title is 6 reasons why it?s okay to be a Slytherin, which makes me want to ask, is being a Slytherin an insult?) does not necessarily present the best reasons. Like, ?Snakes are cool?? What sort of reason is that? I have to say that the person who wrote that article probably wasn?t even in Slytherin. Second, if you?re not in Slytherin I don?t mean to offend you in anyway, all the Hogwarts houses are awesome. (I genuinely believe all of them are really good, it?s just that I am a Slytherin and I?d rather be optimistic about being in that house. Oh, and I like to show Hogwarts house pride!)

The center traits of Slytherins are ambition, determination, shrewdness, and resourcefulness. Let?s start off by saying these are great traits to have! Do you have any idea how useful they are in the real world? Ambition will get you anywhere you want to be. Slytherins are goal getters! Determination is the one thing that will let you keep going even when you fail. Like in that awesome muggle movie, La La Land, how they say, ?And when they let you down, you?ll get up off the ground, and as morning rolls around and it?s another day of sun!? Only true Slytherins will be able to do this till the very end. Now here are my main reasons for why Slytherin is truly the best house.

Slytherin Traits Overlap with the Other Houses.

While Slytherin is mainly known for determination the house also possesses more traits of the other houses than the other houses have traits of other houses (if that makes any sense), showing that it has the most traits, therefore is the best. So to explain, what I meant was that Slytherin has their own traits that no other houses have, but we?ve also got the same traits the other houses have but just worded differently. The other houses don?t overlap as much. But we are not just some house that is the other houses fused together, we are good at the traits that we share with the other houses, but are the best at our own traits that no other house has, like ambition and determination.

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Being shrewd is apparently being smart, intelligent, clever, witty, etc.

Isn?t that what Ravenclaw stands for? We are just as smart and clever as the Ravenclaws!

Slytherins will not stop until they get what they want. They will just keep going. This is good! We don?t give up and we reach for our dreams, even when they seem unrealistic. They work to make the unrealistic to realistic. As I like to say, ?Nothing is impossible if you work hard to make it possible.? At this point you might be a little confused because being a hardworker is a Hufflepuff trait. But did you know that Slytherins are just as hardworking? Because of all the determination they?ve got, they can work hard and not give up. We?ve also got another mainly Hufflepuff trait, loyalty. Slytherins can be extremely loyal if they want to be. They can respect people and never leave their side.

We also are just as rebellious and daring as Gryffindors. Competitive too! Salazar Slytherin had ?a certain disregard for rules?. Slytherins know that it is okay to break the rules and do something else for a change. This is a form of bravery, which overlaps with Gryffindor. Slytherin house is also very competitive. So if Gryffindor, but Slytherin even more so, making sure they win all the time.

Slytherins are Leaders

If you haven?t noticed already, Slytherins are natural born leaders. Though each one in a different way, they all are very good leaders that know how to lead. An example muggles will know is Voldemort. Okay, so he?s not very nice and he might have been the most evil wizard of all time, but he?s a great example. Voldemort lead his forces with power and with good leadership skills. Everyone obeyed him and did exactly as he said. How many people can get others to do that? There?s also Merlin who was some sort of leader because he created the Order of Merlin! He was a good guy and used leadership skills to make laws that would help muggles. And to use a more general example, Slytherins are the type of people in your friend group that makes the decisions and gets the group together. Without them, everyone will be in chaos, just doing whatever they want. Same goes for group projects at school. When everyone has different ideas and no one knows exactly what is going on so they do their own thing and nothing is going right, it is a Slytherin that steps in and takes charge in a good way. They are the ones who everyone eventually ends up asking for approval and other questions. They assign the jobs to everyone and the members of the group are happy with this because they are actually good leaders.

Slytherins are Winners

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Slytherins are definitely winners. As a generalization, they?re the type of people that would beat you in a duel easily. You know, they just happen to win, and they always beat you even if you try hard. You eventually end up thinking they are just always like that. (And they are) We are very competitive, meaning that the only accepted result is winning. Since determination is one of the main Slytherin house traits, we basically end up winning all the time because we use that determination to get ourselves to the top. In case you?re wondering, Slytherin house won the House cup last year and also won the first quidditch match against Gryffindor this year. (Go us!)

Slytherins have plenty of good famous people

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While the whole pureblood supremacy thing ruined the image of Slytherin house, there are plenty of good famous Slytherin people out there that we always seem to forget about. As I?ve already mentioned, there?s Merlin, who supported muggles and muggleborns. He?s probably one of the most famous wizards of all time. Let?s not forget about Severus Snape. Though he wasn?t always good, we all found out that he was a good person later on. In fact, without him, the second wizarding war would not have been won. He will always be remembered as a hero. And obviously there?s Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter, though this one is sort of complicated to explain. So right now Albus and Scorpius are in their first year, I sometimes see them in the common room, and they are good people and are not evil. But the thing is, no one knows if the events in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is true, and everyone who knows about it is not to talk about it at all, because it would not be good to give people ideas. So I?m not even sure if they should be mentioned here. Anyways, I guess those are the main good Slytherins that muggles would know. We?ve got plenty more, though it wouldn?t matter if I mentioned them because they are more recent so muggles will not know about them. Oh and I forgot one person. Me!

I hope that this helped you out in some way or another, whether you are doubting whether Slytherin is a good house to be in, or if you are in a different house but was just curious to see Slytherin house from a different perspective. I am proud to be a Slytherin, and I hope you are too (if you are a Slytherin that is). You are welcome to try start a discussion about this topic, just leave a comment. And please check back for more later!

– LittleSlytherKitty


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