PS4 Controller not Connecting To PC Bluetooth

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Windows 10 and X box is the most demanding platform for the large number of users. With the massive growth of the subscribers in this digital world, most of the children prefer to play with the PS4 controller to enjoy the moments. Many people have PS4 lying around. It becomes nightmare to connect DS4 with the PC.

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Even you can connect DS4 with the PC or USB is the easiest way to initiate the game with PS4 Pointer. Just you have to plug into the PC and install the drivers for How to connect a PlayStation 4 controller to your PC

You have to Hit the PS button in the mid of the controller, you have to do steam install and running. So here we have discussed some simple steps of connecting PC Bluetooth with PS4 controller. Read each and every aspect very carefully to connect PS4 with Bluetooth.

Follow The Steps To Connect PS4 with Bluetooth

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These steps are very helpful to connect PS4 with the Bluetooth. Learn these steps in a simple, safe and secure way. If you read these steps you will be able to get the essence of these steps.

Tap down the share and PS buttons which put the controller Bluetooth into the pairing mode.

Tap on the start button of the PC.

Concurrently, tap on settings.

After following the above, tap on the devices.

Concurrently, click on the Bluetooth and other devices.

Further, tap on add Bluetooth and other devices.

Concurrently tap on the Bluetooth button.

Moving ahead, tap on the wireless controller.

In the last step effort, click on the Done.

Consider and adhere with the above information to PS4 Controller not connecting to pc Bluetooth in a simple and secure way. If required you can connect your call to the customer support team of the PS4 with the safe and secure way. As aside from this, you can mail your concern to the authentic department of the PS4 to by composing mail. In case you need more support you can use the user guide manual to share the information to learn the things in easy access.

In case if your Bluetooth device is compatible with PS4, you can pair it by directly configuring the settings of your device. In case if the users are not completely sure or if the device is supported by PS4.It is advisable to use the latest and the updated PS4 in a simple, safe and secure way.

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