Protein shake diet: Lose weight quickly with protein shakes!

Protein shake diet: Lose weight quickly with protein shakes!

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?Dear summer, please take your time ? I?m still fat!? Hands up ? who of you would like to join this wish?

If you too are technically anything but ready for the upcoming bathing season and want to make one or the other love handles disappear on the last pusher, then this article is made for you!

The protein shake diet has quickly made a name for itself in the fitness world and is now considered the ultimate among the last-minute slimming regimens. The following paragraphs will tell you whether the protein shake diet lives up to this reputation, what principles it is based on and what you need to consider. So, let?s go!

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What is a protein shake diet?

The protein shake diet belongs to the category of low-carb cures and is always used when weight loss is to be particularly quick. The concept behind the new trend diet is as simple as it is effective: depending on how quickly the hip gold is to be melted, one or more meals of the day are quickly replaced by protein-rich shakes.

The omission of meals leads to a significant calorie deficit (= you burn more calories than you consume), which is ultimately responsible for the prompt weight loss results.

Drinking protein shakes increases the protein intake and ensures that we are saturated on the one hand and our body is supplied with the most important nutrients on the other. Another advantage: the greatly increased protein consumption significantly reduces the ubiquitous risk of muscle loss. For this reason, this weight loss concept is particularly popular with bodybuilders.

Count calories? Track macronutrients? Keep a diet diary? Wrong! The protein shake diet makes it particularly easy for those wanting to lose weight to reduce their calorie intake and does without fancy diet and exercise plans ? sounds almost too good to be true, right?

Tip: Here you will find out how you can easily make your own protein shake yourself with 6 delicious recipes.

Losing weight with protein shakes ? the sequence of a protein shake diet

The food supplements required for this slimming treatment are offered by various supplement manufacturers such as foodspring, Myprotein or Vitaly. The two ingredients of success for these protein products are very clear:

  • a low carbohydrate content ? between 30 and 35 g per 100 grams of powder
  • a high protein content ? between 30 and 40 grams per 100 grams of powder

The calorie content of a shake thus amounts to an average of 200 to 400 kcal.

Once you have decided on the product of your choice, it is time to think about which meal of the day you could best do without. Replace them first. For example, many people find it particularly easy to boycott breakfast, as they are pressed for time in the morning and do not have a large appetite anyway.

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If you can?t make up your mind or just like to take a more radical approach, you can replace all meals of the day with protein shakes at the start of the diet. This greatly undercuts the usual calorie intake ? typically around 800 to 1000 kcal per day. Once you have achieved your goal, you gradually integrate fixed meals into your menu again. Also, use low-calorie recipes that are rich in protein and vegetables to provide the body with all the essential nutrients despite the large calorie deficit.

In theory, it?s that simple ? lose weight with protein shakes. The body quickly gets used to this change. The first few days may be unfamiliar to many, but with a delicious shake, it is easier to endure than you might think at first.

Important: In order not to risk any symptoms of deficiency, the application period of this radical method should be limited to a few days up to a maximum of one week. If you?re not in a hurry with fat loss, you can, of course, skip just one meal at first and then increase step by step ? you decide for yourself what is more suitable for you! However, we recommend setting the calorie deficit at a maximum of 15?20%. So muscle protection is significantly higher.

The benefits of a protein shake diet

Here I have summarized all the advantages of a protein shake diet for you :

  1. Great time savings: By skipping meals, the wooden spoon also has to be swung less often ? a big plus for all cooking muffle among you.
  2. Simple preparation: Put protein powder together with water/milk in a shaker ? shake ? done.
  3. Variety of flavours: Whether strawberry, melon, stracciatella or classic flavours like chocolate and vanilla ? the manufacturers have made sure that there is really something for every taste!
  4. The supply of vitamins and nutrients is guaranteed: high-quality protein powders are enriched with a multitude of vitamins, minerals and amino acids and thus guarantee an adequate supply with the micronutrients.
  5. No annoying calorie counting.
  6. No lengthy change of diet.
  7. Exercise is not absolutely necessary in the protein shake diet to achieve your weight loss goals (but of course it does no harm).
  8. The protein shake diet is very flexible ? it is entirely up to you at your own discretion how many and above all which meals you want to replace.
  9. The protein shake diet can be integrated very well into everyday life. Whether at work, in the gym, on vacation or at the university ? a shaker fits in every pocket/backpack and is therefore always immediately available.

The disadvantages of a protein shake diet!

As with everything in life, there is, of course, a flip side to the coin with this diet concept ? I definitely don?t want to withhold this from you! I have summarized the most serious drawbacks of the protein shake diet:

  • Feeling hungry: The switch from solid meals to liquid food is, of course, an unusual situation for our organism. A frequently occurring feeling of hunger or a lack of satiety are therefore not uncommon, especially during the initial phase. If you often experience a ?growling? stomach, replace only one meal for now. After a week, your body has mostly adapted to the change and the feeling of hunger disappears all by itself. Tip: If you decide to take your protein powder in combination with milk, you can also warm the shake beforehand ? this simple trick will trick the stomach into thinking that the protein shake is a warm meal.
  • Short-term success: It should be clear to everyone that the protein shake diet is not a long-term solution, but is only suitable for short periods of use. If you want to let the pounds shed in the long term, there is no way around a permanent change in diet.
  • Yo-yo effect: If the slimming diet was successfully completed using protein shakes, you should not immediately revert to the old menu. The reason: our metabolism has adjusted itself to the low-calorie intake and runs on a back burner during the diet (keyword ?metabolism that has fallen asleep?). If you fall back into old eating habits right after the fasting phase, every calorie is reflected on your hips. My tip: Let the diet ?sneak out? for at least one to two weeks. First, replace the missing protein shakes with high-protein and low-calorie snacks such as Greek yoghurt, egg dishes or low-fat curd. In this way, your organism can get used to the increased calorie intake step by step and the yo-yo effect does not occur automatically.

Who should refrain from the protein shake diet?

The increased protein consumption can be counterproductive, especially for people who already suffer from kidney damage or rheumatic diseases. The reason: protein is primarily broken down by the kidneys. If the protein intake is increased significantly, this can quickly lead to an overload in damaged kidneys. In addition, more purine is ingested during a protein shake diet. This substance plays a key role in the development of gout. So if you are preloaded in this regard, I strongly advise against carrying out such a protein-heavy diet.My tip: In order to get rid of all eventualities in advance, I recommend that you get medical advice and, if necessary, have a health check carried out before starting your protein cure ? trust is good, control is better!

Conclusion ? my protein shake diet experience

The bottom line is the protein shake diet rightly celebrated as the new ?holy diet grail??

The fact is: Losing weight with protein shakes works ? if you follow the rules ? perfectly! The combination of a lot of protein and little carbohydrates undoubtedly ensures quick results and can significantly shorten the way to your ?dream figure?. Please always keep in mind that the protein shake diet is a short-term solution and therefore no sustainable weight loss results can be expected. If, however, your goal is to simply let a few extra pounds drop quickly and easily, then there is only one thing left to say: Cheers!


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