Product of your environment? Or product of your peers

Product of your environment? Or product of your peers

Being a product of your environment can be good or bad. You can grow up from a violent background. You?re environment consists of more than your parents or your family. It also consists of the era your grew up in, how you think, and you?re peers.

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Having a weak environment at home can lead to venturing out to seek a identity. Not having the right guidance can take you down the wrong path. You cant help the environment you grew up in, but most likely you are the way you are because of it. Sometimes it?s the outside world, or your peers can depict you?re life. From not having the right knowledge instilled in us, we ask the world ?who am i? which sometimes leads us to the trap. Then comes the bad decision making.

For example, ?chris? is 16 and is in high school. He grows up in a middle class to upper middle class household. Gets nice things and has good guidance. But his friends at school tells him that selling drugs and doing bad things are cool. Chris knows that it isn?t, but he sees those guys doing it, so Chris joins in. A couples months in Chris is caught and arrested. His parents in shock, saying they couldn?t believe he did it. They thought just because he came from a nice hard working family that he would know better, but that doesn?t always work. Sometimes a kid can grow up in the worse background and still makes good decisions.

Luckily, i was blessed to be raised with the right things instilled in me. Sorting out certain things in life. Being able to evaluate what?s important and what?s not. Observing the world around me, and applying the right things to my life. Standing outside of the crowd. Being my own person. Having a wise mind in my ear. People have their own opinions when it is pertaining to how one should live. Many people are going to tell you what they think is best for you and how you should live. But with a strong guidance, you will be able to depict what is best for you. You make decisions according to your mind and background.


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