Prince Charming’s brother was in Cinderella (1950)and Cinderella created Descendants and Prince Eric.

Prince Charming’s brother was in Cinderella (1950)and Cinderella created Descendants and Prince Eric.

The real reason Disney wants you to ignore the sequels.

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Prince Charming?s brother was in Cinderella (1950) film

If you go to the Disney Wikia you can see concept art for the Cinderella (1950) film including art depicting that Prince Charming at one point was going to be blond with black eyes in a red suit. In the film the King?s son is depicted in three paintings. The first is him as a baby being held by his father, then as an adolescent playing with his father, than as an adult on his horse. The prince is depicted as a blond baby in blue.

While on occasion children have gone from blond to having brown hair, as Prince Philip did, I couldn?t find an instance of a child going from blond to black hair.

Therefore, the baby is Prince Charming?s brother. Ironically this means he shares the same hair color as his father, the King, in Cinderella (2015).

Hans Christian Andersen wrote The Little Mermaid, and The Snow Queen which was the inspiration for Frozen. Prince Hans is from The Southern Isles. Frozen takes place in Norway, which is south of Denmark. Hans has red hair and green eyes, as does Prince Charming?s mother in Cinderella III. The Queen could be from Denmark which could explain why Prince Eric was in Denmark in The Little Mermaid.

Prince Charming wanted to marry a woman for love, like his parents did. The Queen couldn?t dance well but happily danced in public, and her favorite possession is a sea shell. Prince Eric married a woman like his grandmother: a women who wasn?t afraid to be herself and who loved the sea. According to the Disney Timeline Frozen takes place forty years before Cinderella which could mean Prince Hans is the brother of the Queen.

One thing is for certain even if the Queen is familiar with Danish tradition the King?s subjects are not. The King likes Norwegian stewed prunes as established in ?Aim to Please?, but the Grand Duke thinks Hugh is a Belgium or Dutch name in ?Tall Tail?. Hugh is a German name.

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Cinderella created Descendants

In ?An Uncommon Romance? segment of Cinderella II, Cinderella helps Anastasia prepare to tell the baker how she feels. Anastasia grabs a handful of unique dresses from Cinderella?s closet, but Cinderella insists Anastasia wear the dress that most resembles Lady Tremaine?s dress from Cinderella III. Both dresses are purple and have a broach, though Anastasia?s is blue with a yellow boarder while her mother?s is green with a yellow boarder.

Anastasia wears dark yellow earrings throughout the segment, even at home before her makeover, which she doesn?t wear in Cinderella or Cinderella III. Her mother?s earrings are dark green. The earrings may have been her way of trying to please her mother. In Descendants it?s not clear why the children of villains wear clothes similar to their parents. It could be required as a means of identification. Descendants did change Jafar?s clothes from black and red to blue, red, and brown. Coincidentally Jay wears blue pants and a blue, red, and yellow jacket.

The end credits for Cinderella III shows Lady Tremaine and Drizella working in the clothes they made Cinderella wear. Perhaps, they had to work as maids for a time, like community service, and then they were let go. Or in ?An Uncommon Romance? they still work as maids but dress as they did in the first movie when at home and walking around time. The segment could have been during their time off. It is never established in any of the movies if any of the servants who work at the palace live at the palace so they may all have their own homes.

Image for postMadambrightside on Flickr. Artwork by Disney in The Little Mermaid. There is fleur de lis in the background.

The Grand Duke in The Little Mermaid

The Grand Duke and the King cameo at the wedding of Prince Eric and Vanessa. I don?t think this Grand Duke is the same one from Cinderella because the Grand Duke in The Little Mermaid has brown hair. While the Grand Duke from Cinderella and its sequels has always had black eyes and black hair, even during his other cameo in the House of Mouse episode ?Ask Von Drake? which aired several months after Cinderella II.

I think the Grand Duke in The Little Mermaid is the son of the Grand Duke from Cinderella with Prudence. In the Cinderella II segment ?Aim to Please? the Grand Duke begins a relationship with Prudence, the chief lady in waiting to Cinderella. The two begin to dance toward the end of the segment but aren?t seen a few minutes later when the King presents Cinderella with a tiara. Prudence has blue eyes and brown hair, albeit darker brown then her son?s. Also the monocle, a circle really, is on the right eye of the Grand Duke in The Little Mermaid, and on the left eye of the Grand Duke in Cinderella.

This would make the King in The Little Mermaid Prince Charming. This King is not the King from Cinderella because while both their faces are similar, the King in Cinderella has white hair while the King in The Little Mermaid has grey hair making him younger than the King from Cinderella. Prince Charming could be shorter as a result of magic used against him in Cinderella III or simply as a result of aging. This also fits with the Disney Timeline with The Little Mermaid taking place about thirty years after Cinderella.

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The crests and crowns

Only two royals have crests, Cinderella and Prince Eric. Cinderella?s crest is on the door of her carriage. Prince Eric has three different variations of his crest. The first is seen on his ship before the storm, the second on the statue, and the third on the carriage he and Ariel use to ride into town. The crest on the carriage is surrounded by seahorses on either side. Seahorses are included on the coat of arms of many countries including French island of Mayotte from 1794. The island is off the coast of Southeast Africa.

The statue of Prince Eric has a crown with five points. Chairs in the palace in Cinderella and Cinderella II have crowns with five points on them. For example, the chair the King is sitting in when he and the Grand Duke are watching Cinderella and Prince Charming dance in Cinderella. Prince Eric is the son of Cinderella and Prince Charming.

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Continuity in Cinderella III

Cinderella III resets the timeline in Cinderella, so some fans believe the end credits of Cinderella III indicate the events of Cinderella II may still occur. The end credit pictures at the end of Cinderella III might not be canon because while they include Anastasia and the Baker, they also include the Grand Duke as ?The Scream? and photo booth pictures of Cinderella and Prince Charming. The beginning of Cinderella III takes place on the one year anniversary of Cinderella and Prince Charming?s wedding. At that time Anastasia and Drizella mention they have not been invited to a ball. This indicates either the events of the third segment, ?An Uncommon Romance?, of Cinderella II have not yet occurred or those events occurred in the original timeline and will not occur.

In Cinderella III the Fairy Godmother asks Cinderella and Prince Charming if they want to go back to their old lives i.e. the original timeline, yet in Cinderella II the Fairy Godmother behaves as if she has never heard the story of Anastasia and the baker. Prudence does not recognize Cinderella in Cinderella III, and is shown not to recognize Cinderella in regular clothes in Cinderella II.

I think the films in order are Cinderella, Cinderella III, and Cinderella II; and ?An Uncommon Romance? did not occur in the original timeline because of its content. In this segment Cinderella helps Anastasia win the heart of the baker. This means Cinderella forgave Anastasia, making her the first royal to do so.

No one knows that Snow White would have done with the Evil Queen had the Evil Queen not died when she fell off a cliff. The same can be said for the fate of Prince John from Robin Hood. When Simba told Scar to flee and not come back his intention was to permanently exile Scar. Simba later exiles Scar?s supporters, the Outsiders. Hercules left Hades trapped in the River Styx.

In Cinderella III Anastasia reveals her mother?s deception which allows Cinderella and Prince Charming to marry. Anastasia is still living with her mother and sister in Cinderella II, perhaps because she has convinced herself that her mother was trying to turn Cinderella and not her into a toad. After all, Anastasia relationship with Drizella has not worsened despite it being Drizella?s idea to turn Anastasia into a toad. Drizella wants to marry a duke while Anastasia aims a little lower at a count. In Cinderella III, Anastasia says she wants to marry someone who loves her for herself, which could be someone with money. Anastasia knows the King and Queen loved each other.

A note about researching coat of arms. There is currently no database where one can look up a specific coat of arms without knowing the name of the family the coat or crest belongs to. A database where one can look up coat of arms or crest by description, for example all coat of arms with seahorses, should be created. Also, a database where one can upload an image of a coat of arms or crest and the system can immediately identify what family it belongs to, where the family is from, and when the family lived in that particular country should be created.

Prince Eric and Prince Charming in both sequels are voiced by the same actor.


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