Prayer to Santa Muerte to make someone love you

Prayer to Santa Muerte to make someone love you

My Dearest and Most Holy Saint Death, My Beloved Patron,

Thanking you for all that you do, have done and go on doing for me, I ask you that, along with your love, you bring the love of (name of the desired person) to me as well. I ask you to please make (name of the desired person) feel and acknowledge that her/his life without me will never be happy. I ask you to please make (name of desired person) think about me, look for me, love me, desire me, and be faithful and loyal to me, at every minute, now and forever ? just as at every minute I am loyal and faithful to you, My Dearest White Lady, oh Beloved Red Lady holder of my heart and soul.

Please make it so that the thoughts and heart of (name of the desired person) are only mine, and so that (name of the desired person) sees beauty, seduction and charm in no one else but me.

This I ask of you, my Most Holy Saint Death of my life, while surrendering my full devotion to you.

So may it be, with your blessing. Please stay with me and keep me with you at all times.

Before your prayer and petition, light up a red candle, three Sandalwood incense sticks and a cigarette, offering them to the Bony Lady, as well as a candy, a bread, a glass of water, a glass of good Tequila, and a red flower.

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