Powerful Prayer Before Surgery for Child

Powerful Prayer Before Surgery for Child

The Lord God can help a child both before and after surgery. All we have to do is ask. A child is innocent and without sin and Our Father will help protect them when asked.

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Our Father in Heaven.

You told us to cry out ?Daddy?, to nestle into you our creator as a child would a father. So we come close, we bring before you our wonderful child, beloved and beautiful in your sight.

Lord, as (she/he) is about to go into surgery we entrust(she/he) into your care. We pray for your covering and protection as they receive help from another of your children.

We ask for your divine blessing on the hands of the surgeons as they operate and for your peace to encircle our precious one. Lord, may they feel safe, protected and cared for today.

Father, please come with your strong arms of love and hold us all as a family at this time. May your hope burn bright within our hearts as we rest secure in you.


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A prayer for a child in a hospital recovering after surgery can be used every night while they are recovering to ask for God?s continued protection.

God?s goodness shines on us again and again and again. It is important that we thank the Lord, for He is good: Heavenly Father, I lift up my child up to You for healing. You are the Doctor of all doctors. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, please miraculously heal my little one. I pray that You give me strength and courage. I know this is possible for Your mercy is good. Amen.

You can, if you choose to, have your custom prayer hand-delivered to one of the Holy Churches of Jerusalem: by clicking here.

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