Pitching Your “Idea” to Netflix and Hulu — It’s Like a Book, People.

Pitching Your “Idea” to Netflix and Hulu — It’s Like a Book, People.

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If I had $1 for every person who emailed me about pitching their TV or reality show ?idea? to Netflix and Hulu this year, I?d have exactly $3,255.00 ? that?s how many emails I have in my Gmail referencing that. I think I?m going to set up a payment button on my website to charge $1 to pitch an idea, to cover the time and energy involved in me typing, N-O.

TIP: Netflix and Hulu DO NOT want your ?idea.? They want your FINISHED product. And even then, they only want it if it makes sense for them. It?s like a book, people, I cannot pitch them an unsolicited ?idea,? because a million other people probably have the same idea, and the last thing they want is for you to think they ?stole? yours, when it wasn?t even unique to begin with.

Like a book, there?s a query process.

If you want to see your ?idea? on Netflix and Hulu, develop a pilot, or produce a few episodes, or film the movie. Again, it?s like a book, the publisher wants to see a finished manuscript, or at least some strong chapters?

I?m happy to be your agent for this stuff, if you have something physical.

Wait ? $3,257.00

? P.

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