P2PG Token: How Can You Add Items & Earn

P2PG Token: How Can You Add Items & Earn

What if there was a place on the Internet where you could find all the Movies, Tv-Shows, Games or other multimedia and if anything is missing, you could just add it yourself, help other users and be rewarded for your activity and contribution?

Sounds too good to be true?

This is now possible with P2P Guru and its native ERC20 token ?P2PG?. Introducing a brand new concept of a multimedia platform that is built, constructed and maintained by users for users.

A Multimedia platform maintained by its users.

Just like the concept of seeding and leeching in torrents, with P2P Guru you can decide to either be a passive visitor or active user and contributor that helps others by extending and enhancing the platform and is rewarded back.

How exactly?

There are many opportunities for tasks and activities that are available on P2P Guru and this guide will cover some of them one by one.

Adding files

As a registered user, you can add any files that contain a multimedia item that you find to be missing ? whether it is a movie, tv-show, game or e-book.

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a) Torrents

If you encounter a movie that is listed on P2P Guru but lacking its torrent files or missing a good quality torrent that you know where to find, you can add the torrent yourself by clicking on ?Add New Torrent? and pasting your URL link from PireteBay, 1337x, KickAss or another source.

If you are adding a torrent of Tv-Show, you might also need to fill in information about the Season and Episode.

b) Regular Downloads

Just like adding torrents, you can also add the option for regular downloads by clicking on ?Add New Download Link? and pasting the URL of the provider of the download link.

Compared to torrents, regular downloads are a slower option provided by 3rd party service that usually offers faster downloads for certain fees.

c) Streaming links

In the same manner, you can also add a link to any of streaming sites and include an option to stream by clicking and submitting the link to ?Add Stream Link?.

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If you encounter a movie that is lacking its rating from one or more of these popular review sites: IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic,you can add this information by clicking on ?+? sign and linking the movie page on P2P Guru with any of the aforementioned review sites.

If ratings from all three review sites are added, P2P Guru will automatically assess these rating values and provide the ?Guru Rating? which is the average rate value from all these three review sites combined. This will help users to compare the overall quality and popularity of the movie at first glance, without a need to visit all these review sites separately.

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Images and Descriptions

Just like adding missing ratings, you can also help by completing Movies and Tv-Shows that are lacking images and descriptions.

The desired outcome is to provide the sections of individual Movies and Tv-Shows not just with fast and safe files but also with its complete information, ratings, reviews, descriptions and visual elements ? so users have everything in one single place.

Therefore, if you encounter a movie that you like but that is missing a profile image or general description, you can add its movie poster or copy its description to complete the section.

Write your reviews

There are also more creative activities that you can do.

If you are a popcorn muncher and cinema fan that can analyze movies endlessly, P2P Guru also rewards you for sharing your thoughts with others by writing your own Movie Reviews.

You can thus be the first one to review the latest releases and discuss them with someone that will finally understand you.

Create Tutorials

Creative users can also contribute by creating and editing videos, preparing short but instructive Youtube video tutorials about how to download from and add files to P2P Guru or how to use P2P Guru and some of its features in general.

These short ?How to? tutorials have two primary purposes:

  • to educate and make a life for other users easier
  • to promote and share P2P Guru on the Internet and let other people discover and join the platform

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Opportunities are endless here and you always have a chance to create new videos about how to download your favorite movies or currently most-viewed and popular Movies and Tv-Shows.

Besides downloading, you can also create these short tutorials about how to add movies, links, ratings and other information on P2P Guru or how to create your account, link your wallet, exchange tokens, customize a watchlist or anything else that comes to your mind.

If you decide to make a tutorial about how to download specific movie torrents, the movie must be downloaded from P2P Guru and you should not forget to include a link to P2P Guru and #p2pguru hashtag in the video title or its description.

In addition, all of these videos will be shared directly on P2P Guru, so by creating these videos you are not just rewarded back but you will also get more views for your Youtube channel and get new subscribers, thus it is also a great opportunity for you to promote your channel.

Participate in Contests

You might also combine more of these above-mentioned activities by participating in the contest. Contests will take place regularly four times a month and will be announced beforehand by P2P Guru.

The contests will be comprised of a few simple tasks,

for example:

– complete a missing rating,

– add one missing image,

– tweet a post with #p2pguru on Twitter.

The nature and content of these regular contests will change every time in order to incentivize users to participate regularly.


Hopefully, this User-Guide will help you better understand the role and importance that each user has for P2P Guru, prompted you to actively join this advertisements-free multimedia platform yourself and assisted you to clarify tasks and activities that might be interesting to you the most.

Nonetheless, this is just a brief coverage of fundamentals on how users can interact and earn with the platform.

If you would like to learn more about the P2PG token, its distribution for these tasks and other details, please read the Whitepaper.

P2P Guru: https://p2pguru.com/

P2PG Token on Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/token/0x0669f97be1948804FdA3CDD745F9eAd2356aECef

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/P2PGuru/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p2p.guru/?hl=en


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