Own A Pickup Truck? Here Are Some Ways To Make Money With It!

Own A Pickup Truck? Here Are Some Ways To Make Money With It!

Do you have a pickup truck for your daily commute? If yes, then you have a good chance of making money using this pickup truck. Though most of the ways are considered as side gigs, but there is a massive opportunity to make good amount of money if you like and enjoy what you?re doing.

I?m writing about top 5 ways that you can start making money with your pickup truck today.


Research says that, About 74% of the pickup truck owners never haul anything on their truck. Strange, right? Full size or even midsize pickup trucks have some good amount space and you can use them to make money. You can help out people by hauling and in exchange you can make quick cash. GoShare gives you the opportunity to make some serious cash on the side. If you have a longer bed pickup truck, you can earn up to $61.92/hours+Tips. GoShare is available in all major cities in the US. So, consider them if you?re interested in hauling.


Honk gives you the opportunity to use your pickup truck for towing. Many people across the country suffer from the pain of getting tow truck when needed. Research says, the tow truck industry is worth about $5 billion and you can take the opportunity to be a part of that.

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Moving Services

Have you ever heard of Bungii or Dolly? You can use to earn up to $40/hour for moving people?s stuffs by simply downloading this apps. This is something you can start as a side hustle and if you like doing it, you can actually work as much as you want. But make sure, you have ability to load and unload stuffs.

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Snow plowing

Do you live in a state where you get snow? Then, you can use your pickup truck for plowing the snow. Snohub allows to use you own pickup truck for plowing snow on demand. Simply download the app and you?re good to go! You can work on your own schedule and work when are flexible.

Motorcycle/ATV delivery

Some people make a good amount of money by delivering other?s motorcycle/ATV. Specially when people move or go to some special events, sometimes they want to take their ATV or Motorcycle with them. You as a pickup truck owner can come forward and help them out. They will pay your gas and rent both.


There are many other ways to make money if you have a pickup truck. I found the above five ways are most effective. I wanted share with you so that you can make some extra cash leveraging your existing pickup truck.


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