Overwatch: A MOBA or FPS?

Richard: Hey Alex, what?re you up to?

Alex: Oh hey Richard, I?m just a little angry right now.

Richard: Why?s that? I thought you enjoyed playing Overwatch?

Alex: I don?t know man? It?s not the MOBA I was looking for.

Richard: Ummm? MOBA? It?s clearly an FPS.

Alex: You boosted bonobo: its definitely a MOBA!

Richard: What are you talking about? Every hero in the game has a gun and you?re shooting it from the first-person view! That is the literal definition of an FPS!!

Alex: Lmao you?re an idiot, Overwatch is obviously a MOBA. It?s so similar to League of Legends, it even has separate game modes just like League. If you?re arguing that Overwatch isn?t a MOBA, is SMITE not a MOBA either?

Richard: Have you done any of your research bud?

Alex: Why would I have to do research? It?s obvious, I don?t need to be a dumb nerd like you to know these things.

Richard: ? I don?t know what to say man, if you actually knew the definiti ?

Alex: You know what, just shut it. I don?t want to hear what comes out of your mouth. It?s all a bunch of crap, no one cares anyways.

Richard: I? *sigh*

Overwatch is actually categorized as a FPS and not a MOBA. A MOBA consists of two opposing teams who?s goal is to destroy the enemy?s main structure. People can argue that Overwatch?s game modes are similar to destroying a ?main structure?. For example, some argue that the Assault game mode is capturing a ?main structure? which like destroying one. But, people forget that MOBAs also require computer controlled units that roam on set paths, not just the two teams themselves. Overwatch does not have a single computer controlled unit that helps with this mission. Therefore Overwatch cannot possibly be a MOBA.

However, Overwatch does have many MOBA-esque characteristics to the game. The ability to chose between different characters to play is something that is fairly unique to MOBAs, at least in the strategy genre. Another similar aspect to MOBAs that Overwatch has is it?s use of the four ability system. Nearly all MOBAs use the four ability system with three basic spells and a game-changing ultimate. Nonetheless, without the computer controlled units, it is not a MOBA. Therefore, Blizzard categorizes it as a ?team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter? and not a MOBA.

Overwatch is a very unique game that has changed many traditional aspects of gaming. Accommodating to a more fast-paced culture, their games are quick and fast-paced. Furthermore, ??? Blizzard introduced the ability to change heroes mid-game, an unprecedented decision. This ensures that team comps are always dynamic. In turn, it introduces an element of flexibility and surprise that keeps players engaged.

Coming back to the skit, it is all too frequent that players (who may not even know each other) get into arguments like these. They do not benefit either party and they often don?t learn anything new. Remember to be open-minded and understanding of each other. If the other person doesn?t want to listen to you, don?t get mad. There?s no reason to flame ??? or to be toxic ??? because the chance of meeting that other player again is very slim. The happier everyone is, the better esports will be. Remember, we are #BetterTogether ???

Disclamer: Richard and Alex are fully fictional characters and do not mean to offend anyone.

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