Oh Hello! NLP Project Ideas for Beginners

Oh Hello! NLP Project Ideas for Beginners

The most popular NLP project ideas that a beginner must look for

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1. Text classification:

Also known as text tagging or text categorization is the process of assigning tags or categories to text data based upon its content. With the help of NLP fundamentals, text classifiers can automatically analyze text data and then assign a set of pre-defined tags or categories. Example- Classify emails, if it is spam or not based upon its content.

2. Sentiment analysis:

One of the most widely known and implemented uses of Natural Language Processing, Sentiment analysis is a computational process for detecting the emotions/sentiment expressed in text data of different individuals. Sentiment analysis helps find sentiments of social media tweets, hotels, and movie reviews.

3. Chatbots:

It is a software that mimics conversational attributes of a human being?s auditory i.e., voice or textual methods. They are generally built to simulate human presence in conversations. These Chatbots are frequently encountered on various websites, apps, and even some voice assistants like Alexa Google voice assistant for kind of chatbots only.

4. speech recognition

Speech recognition is an interdisciplinary field of computational linguistics and the methodologies and technologies that enables the recognition and translation of spoken language into text by computers.

5. Document summarisation

It is the process of creating a concise summary of data computationally. The aim of the summarization is to include the most important and relevant information of the text data. In addition to that, text, images, and videos can also be summarised.

6. Automatic text generation

So this is a way of predicting upcoming text in sentences with the help of Natural Language Processing techniques and different learning techniques available in artificial intelligence. Some well-known examples are the autocompleting feature of Gmail, Google search engine, mobile keypad, etc.

7. Question answering

Question answering implementation is usually a computer program, may construct its answers by creating a structured database of knowledge or information, usually a knowledge base. The advanced form of question answering system can pull answers from an unstructured collection of natural language documents. The system can also learn from queries passed by users.

8. Subjectivity production

In this production method, we can predict the subjective offense of users. Generally, the ratings provided by users are a form of subjective opinion. Using various Natural Language Processing techniques, we can predict subjective opinions based on other?s opinions.

9. Data visualization

Data visualization is a graphical representation of data. It involves creating a powerful visualization that communicates relationships among the data to the user. For example, in NLP, the most popular form of data visualization is word clouds.

I hope you find it helpful, keep learning keep moving ahead.

Happy NLP learning!


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