OBO Meaning: What Does OBO Mean? Useful Text Conversations

What does OBO mean? In this lesson, you will learn the definition and how to use this text abbreviation with ESL infographic and useful conversation examples in English.

OBO Meaning

What Does OBO Mean?

?OBO? stands for ?or best offer?.

It is an acronym that people have been using since long before cell phones and social media existed. It?s an original acronym that?s widely known, much like ASAP. You typically see it when something is being sold. A person sets their target price, and then adds ?obo? meaning they are up for negotiations on the final amount.

For example, say you?re browsing through Facebook Market and you spot a cute little patio set. You click on it, review the details, and then check the price. ?$300 obo?. Well, $300 is a little more than you want to pay but it?s really cute. And they said ?obo? so what the heck. You offer $220. Thirty minutes later, you get a response. Congrats. You are now the proud new owner of a patio set. Go collect your prize.

Other Meanings

This internet slang word might also stand for:

On Behalf Of

Overseas Business Office

Official Blow-Off

Observation (UK)

One by One

Overseas Buildings Operations

Oil Bulk Ore

Order Book Official

Conversation Examples

Conversation examples using ?OBO? as ?or best offer?.

Speaker 1 : wooden swing set for sale. includes two swings, monkey bars, plastic slide, teeter-totter , and see-saw. Less than two years old. Must be picked up. No holds. $300 obo

Speaker 2 : I?m interested in this item. Will you take $125?

Speaker 1 : Sorry but no. How about $275?

Speaker 2 : I don?t have that much. Will you do $250? That?s all I have.

Speaker 1 : I will accept $250. I?ll pm you the pickup address.

Speaker 2 : Okay. Thank you.

This is a typical exchange among two people when bartering about an item. Some people will pay the cost asked but many would rather try and work the price down. Since this is such a common technique, many people price their items higher than they?re actually expecting to sell it for. You may think you?re getting a deal but in reality, you?re paying what they actually expected to get out of the sell.

By typing ?obo? Speaker 1 is telling prospective buyers that they are willing to negotiate on the price. As you can see from their response to the buyer?s offer, they continue to stay high until they agree on the seller?s actual target amount. Providing an offer different than the proposed amount is called counter-offering. It?s a great sales technique you should try the next time you?re interested in buying something. Never settle for the first offer. Most of the time, you can get a better deal. It doesn?t hurt to try.

OBO Meaning Infographic

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