Nioxin Reviews — Does Nioxin Work For Thinning Hair?

Nioxin Reviews — Does Nioxin Work For Thinning Hair?

It seems every other product makes claims about being able to thicken hair with their new XYZ formula but when you get around to it, it just never lives up to the name.

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Today, I?m checking out Nioxin reviews on their system kits and shampoos to find out what people around the internet are saying about their experience with Nioxin. I will also be reviewing how the science of hair thickening works and if there is any scientific evidence to back Nioxin?s claims.

Why Does Hair Thin?

There are two main reasons why hair thinning occurs and it?s closely related to the causes of hair loss. Hair follicles, embedded in the skin, have capillaries which supply the blood required to grow hair and provide it the nutrients for thicker, voluminous strands.

  1. Blood Supply

The problem is, these capillaries that supply the blood are incredibly thin (about one cell thick) making it easy for a blockage to occur and supply being cut off. When blood circulation is reduced, so is the quality of the hair and eventually the hair itself.

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2. Inflammation

Inflammation is the physiological cause of hair loss and it has a part to play in hair thinning too. Constant inflammation in the scalp damages the hair follicles and also restricts blood flow so over time, less nutrients can be supplied to the follicles and hair grows thinner.

Do Nioxin Systems Really Work?

Spoilers: the graph above shows it doesn?t do the job too well.

Compiled with evidence on the effect of different Nioxin products, such as their 3 Part System ?1, actual Nioxin reviews from users and published papers, let?s find out why.

The standard hair thickening kit offers a cleanser, conditioner and a scalp treatment. Their logic suggests that the scalp must firstly be clean and oil free and the hair strands strengthened to prevent further thinning of hair. They also actively look to thicken the hair with added vitamins and minerals.

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However, thickening hair isn?t as easy as simply adding a few synthetic ingredients. Unless it is affecting blood circulation or inflammation in a significant way, it isn?t thickening the hair and any increase in thickness is from the hair shaft artificially expanding. This is commonly done by popular brands by adding a fatty layer which lasts as long as the residue is in the hair. Whilst this is a legitimate technique some people use to ?thicken? hair, it?s more an addition to the hair than intrinsically changing it.

In terms of ingredients, there isn?t much to go by and there is no evidence of the substances mentioned being beneficial for circulation or inflammation. Removing sebum from the scalp can potentially worsen inflammation as well as strip the scalp of the protective layer.

The same logic that thins hair also leads to hair loss; so contrary to some claims, Nioxin does not help to regrow hair either (nor does the company claim to do so).

Nioxin Reviews System 1?4 ? Which Nioxin System is Right for Me?

Unless you are looking to thicken hair strands temporarily by adding the fatty substances to your hair, there is no real (long term) effect any of any of the systems. Effects will stop when application of Nioxin scalp treatment is ceased.

Nonetheless, if this is what you are looking for then the variations in their systems (1?4), each is designed for different hair types (natural, coloured or chemically treated) with various degrees of thinning (light or moderate).

The formula is more or less the same on all 4 systems and mainly designed for commercial reasons. But, if you have coloured hair, systems 3 and 4 won?t erode it as fast as say 1 and 2 for example.

What Do Users Say?

Nioxin reviews from users, show that those who buy and continue to use it generally do so for that appearance of thicker hair. Neither the roots nor the keratin fibres of the hair are getting stronger, so it?s used as a visual enhancer only. Understandably, few customers return to buy another bottle or continue long term use once this becomes apparent.

Nioxin Reviews Side Effects

There are some adverse side effects from some users who have more sensitive skin as the scalp treatment bottle can be harsh if applied on the skin, leading to rashes. Other side effects users complained about what the issue of hair feeling greasy, which is expected from the fat being added to the hair shaft.

Is there any Hair Thickening Product that Actually Works?

Most companies use a similar approach to sell hair thickening products because users aren?t aware of the difference and it?s harder to treat the problem than it is evade it. The truth is, most companies can get away without treating the true causes of hair thinning or investing in a proper, long term solution. But, why bother looking for a more holistic solution?

Using products like Nioxin as permanent solution for your hair thinning will only worsen the situation. The substances used to artificially thicken hair and chemicals such as SLS and perfumes, end up increasing inflammation in the scalp.

However, there are still some quality hair thickening products that work. Taoist Soap for example led by example as the most effective hair thickening shampoo by tackling the two main causes of hair thinning.

a) It directly alleviates inflammation from the scalp when applied and left for a few minutes.

b) Improves blood circulation to free up the capillaries supplying the hair follicles.

Being SLS and paraben free, it also makes it safer to use with no side effects at all. But whilst the Taoist soap is the most effective product, there is still more to reversing hair thinning; a single product isn?t always enough.

Image for postTackling Hair Thinning For All Angles

By dedicating more time to making small lifestyle changes, like daily scalp massage or cutting out the sources of chronic inflammation from your diet, you make recovery more probable. Something as seemingly trivial as emotional health can also be significant in what is causing inflammation for you.


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