Netgear R6400 vs R6700 vs R7000 — Wireless Router Comparison

Netgear R6400 vs R6700 vs R7000 — Wireless Router Comparison

Netgear is a renowned manufacturer of wifi devices. The R6400, R6700 and R7000 models are but just among the many devices, Netgear manufactures to purposes of connectivity.

Even though these routers are not quite at the top of the AC wireless router game, they still compare positively with other Netgear routers in the market.

The R6400, R6700 and R7000 routers come with some solid features that make them make them worthy competitors in the AC wireless router category. This is a summary of all the important features of these Netgear routers with comparison in terms of speed, connectivity and advanced features.

Netgear R6400 vs R6700 vs R7000

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Netgear R6400 vs R6700 vs R7000 Models Basic Features

This is a brief description of each of the R6400, R6700 and R7000 features.

Netgear R6400 Review

Netgear R6400

The R6400 model comes with a nighthawk app that enables users to easily set up and manage the router?s internet access with pause and resume capabilities. It also performs speed tests. It has a Beamforming+ feature. The feature performs to enable the router to improve the performance and signal range coupled with the High powered antennas and amplifiers to help users extend their coverage.

The R6400 Dual-band to reduce any sort of interference to ease connections to more Wi-Fi devices. Furthermore, the AC1750 Wi-Fi services support 450+1300 Mbps speeds together with high power external antennas. The Advanced QoS feature is industry optimised to ensure users enjoy smooth gaming, sending and receiving email and HD streaming on Microsoft Windows 7,8, 10, Vista, Linux, UNIX or Mac OS. Other amazing features include the Gigabit Ethernet Ports, one USB 2.0 port, 1 WAN and 4 LAN ports. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa to allow for voice control.

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  • The R6400 model provides fast and stable network performance.
  • Generally quiet and smooth in operation.
  • Relatively easy to install.
  • R6400 is user-friendly.
  • Great ergonomics with a black appearance.


  • The NAS performance on the R6400 is not quite impressive.
  • Its performance is quite average compared to other router?s in its class.
  • R6400 is not quite friendly on the 5GHz band.

What stands out

The router stands out compared to other routers because of the dual-band system that enables its high-performance and the most cherished feature as per the user reviews is the stable network performance that allows users enjoy streaming HD videos and games seamlessly. Furthermore, the beamforming feature is instrumental in spreading the signals to provide users with maximum coverage.

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Netgear R6700 Review

Netgear R6700

The R6700 features a 1GHz dual-core processor, Dynamic QoS, 3 amplified antennas, Smart Connect and Beamforming+ among other features. It comes loaded with wired Ethernet ports for game consoles, plug in computers, streaming player and more. It is fully capable of offering up to 1500 square feet of fast Wi-Fi coverage and performance with AC1750 speed.

The R6700 has USB connections to allow for sharing a storage device, creation of a personal cloud or printer with the 1 x 3.0 USB port. It is also important to note that it supports WPA2 wireless protocols including DoS, Guest Wi-Fi services access, VPN and Firewall and more coupled with the Netgear armor to protect your network from any internet threats.


  • R6700 is relatively easy to install and maintain.
  • Stable internet connection with excellent coverage.
  • Offering up to 1750 Mbps for HD streaming and online games.
  • The R6700 has advanced security features to protect your system from threats.
  • Comes with parental controls to enable you manage any guest network access.


  • The R6700 might be faced with lags during operation.
  • Just comes with one USB port.
  • Some user reviews point out poor customer service from the R6700 support.

What stands out

Most user reviews applaud the R6700 for its robust features appreciating its wide range and high-speed internet performance. The advanced security features make it more desirable because they save home systems from potential threats, malware or viral activity. What stands out with the r6700 are the many spectacular features especially the 3 antennas responsible for creating signals that the beamforming plus technology spreads evenly across the house. The QoS is also a noteworthy feature to ensure unparalleled internet surfing. However the thumbs down feature among reviewers is the single USB port.

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Netgear R7000 Review

Netgear R7000

The R7000 is capable of connecting up to 30 devices with reliable HD streaming, online games with the ability to connect as many smart home devices to surf the internet. It also comes loaded with advanced technology including 3 amplified antennas, Dynamic QoS, Amazon Alexa Voice Controls, Smart Connect, 1GHz band dual-core processor and more. Nonetheless, it has wired Ethernet ports for game consoles, streaming players and plug in computers with 4×1 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

The R7000 has 2 USB ports-2.0 and 3.0 connections are provided for users to share a storage drive or printer. It also allows people to create personal cloud storage access from any location. It supports WPA2 wireless security protocols including VPN, DoS, Guest Wi-Fi access and firewall to ensure a safe and secure internet connectivity.

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  • The R7000 is easy to install.
  • Dual core 1GHz dual core processor.
  • The R7000 products have the Turbo QAM technology.
  • Excellent coverage.
  • Fantastic ergonomics.
  • The R7000 has excellent performance with Beamforming technology.
  • The R7000 comes with Netgear Genie App.


  • The only con amongst reviewers is that there are newer Nighthawks that have already been released to the market by Netgear.

What stands out

The R7000 Netgear Nighthawk had a head start over the other Nighthawks by Netgear and it still remains the fastest of them all. The router is desirable among many users because of the fact that it is stocked in numerous outlets. What makes the Netgear Nighthawk R7000 standout is the intuitive Genie software that allows users to have a peek into all the device?s controls. Furthermore, the dual band enables user access internet connectivity with up to 1900 Mbps of Wi-Fi speed with improved usage because of the Dynamic QoS.

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Netgear R6400 vs R6700 vs R7000 Shared Features and Similarities

These three routers have a lot of shared features including:

  • Fast network speeds: These three routers use the AC standard wireless connectivity that offers theoretical speeds of 450 Mbps and 1300 simultaneous on 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands simultaneously. People can stream HD videos, play online games and engage in other activities that are bandwidth-intensive without experiencing breaks in connectivity.
  • Design: Among the similarities among these routers is the design. The similarity between these routers is well brought out in the sloped design, vent holes on the sides, black finish and antennas sticking out of their backs. They all compare great in terms of design.
  • 3 external antennas: All of them have three antennas that are easily adjustable or detached depending on the design and needs of a user?s home.
  • Advanced QoS: This is a feature among the three routers that enables people to prioritise their bandwidth experience to suit them for use with certain programs, data types or devices. For instance, you can set the QoS in such a way that the traffic is prioritised to favour one aspect of connectivity over the other like favouring video calls over downloading files or sending email files. Prioritising traffic means that the preferred connection will less likely suffer any issues with the connection.
  • Beamforming technology: The technology is a plus for all the three routers that enables users to increase their router?s signal strength over a wider range.
  • Guest feature: The similarity in this feature helps users to keep their home networks private.
  • Dual-core processors: Each of the routers has a dual-core processor with the 1GHz CPU that helps these routers process different types of data from different connected devices to ensure the connection does not suffer. The 1GHz CPU dual-core processors make these routers indispensable.
  • ReadySHARE Suite: This common feature among these routers is especially instrumental in improving the sharing and backup facilities.
  • Airtime Fairness: The feature helps the routers to prevent devices that have been long connected to the network from slowing down the home wireless network.

Netgear R6400 refurbished

Netgear R6400 vs R6700 vs R7000 Differences

Even though the Netgear R6400 vs R6700 vs R7000 routers share incredibly similar features, there are some other features that make them differ from one another and probably make one router compare stronger over the others. The difference between these routers might seem minor but make a whole difference in terms of usage and performance. The stand out features between these routers include:

  • USB ports: Netgear R6400 and Netgear R7000 have only USB ports the 2 0 and usb 3 0 port but the R6700 differs from the rest having just one 3 0 port. Therefore, users who might find the need to connect a secondary device like printers or share a storage device on the R6700 Netgear may be out of luck.
  • 802.11n data rates: If your devices are capable of working on 802.11ac then you might be on the safe side. However, for R7000 users might experience higher data rates compared to the R6400 and R6700.
  • 1GHz Dual Core Processor: The R6400 has a decent processor but it is not quite as powerful with a rating of 800MHz. The R6700 Netgear and Netgear R7000 have a 1GHz dual core processor making them stronger over their R6400 counterpart and the speed is a lot more reliable.

Although the R6400, R6700 and R7000 have very little differences, the R7000 is seemingly a winner over the R6400 and R6700 as suggested by user reviews claiming that the router will seemingly enjoy the support of Netgear in the foreseeable future because it has better Wifi and USB port speed over the other two.


All of these three routers are worthy contenders but:

Use the R6400 if:

  • You know that the number of your family is large and the devices connected simultaneously on the network are many in number.
  • You have kids and you need to control their access to the internet.

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Use R6700 if:

  • You are primarily into online gaming and HD videos streaming.
  • You are looking to enjoy reliable connectivity without paying much.

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Use R7000 if:

  • You know you will have multiple devices connected to the network with hardcore gamers among them.
  • You want to enjoy connectivity with no lags or drop in connection.
  • You want to enjoy great coverage and excellent performance.

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Our Verdict

The R7000 is the most futureproof of them all and at not much extra, it?s worth it.

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