Need to replace your Instacart payment card?

Have you ever lost your wallet? What a hassle to get everything back to normal!

While we have yet to solve the problem of 4-hour lines at the DMV, we can help you get a replacement payment card with just a few simple taps in the Shopper app. INTRODUCING SELF-SERVE PAYMENT CARD REPLACEMENT

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As a Shopper, you can now:

  • request a new card be mailed to you (at no cost)
  • get tracking info on the card?s ETA
  • see any locations in your city that may have cards available today for pick up
  • register the new card to your account once you have it ? all self-serve in the app!

To find this page in the Shopper app, go to the main menu and click Profile, then My Payment Card. This self-service feature will also be helpful to new Shoppers in getting their first payment card set up.

At Instacart, we?re all about saving people time. If you need a replacement or are new to the Instacart platform, we hope adding this feature to the app helps make the payment card process go a bit smoother.

The queue at the DMV? Uh, that?s their problem.


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