Nalgas Meaning: What Does the Popular Slang Term “Nalgas” Mean?

?Nalgas? is a popularly used word on the internet today. In this article below, you will find the definition of the slang term ?nalgas? and also learn of its other meaning if there are any that exist.

The information regarding the origin of the word will also be touched upon, in addition to providing you with some prime examples of how to use this term properly in conversation. In conclusion, you will see some alternative ways you can say this word and still convey the same meaning.

Nalgas Meaning

What Does Nalgas Mean?

The word ?nalgas ? means butt, buttocks, ass, rear-end, etc.

Origin of Nalgas

This word is not a form of internet slang. It is instead a word from another language that has gained popularity on the internet, especially on Latin, Hispanic and Spanish sites. The word ?nalgas? is the Spanish translation of the words ass or butt in English. The exact etymology of the term is unclear and the only information available states that it is a late Latin term. This word is especially popular on Spanish websites and within the Spanish speaking community.

Other Meanings

Another meaning that was suggested for the word ?nalgas? is that sometimes it can be used to describe something that smells bad, like a dirty butt.

Example Conversations

A text exchange between two friends at school.

Friend 1 : Did you get a chance to check out the nalgas on the new girl?

Friend 2 : No, not yet. Why?

Friend 1 : You definitely should! She is fine and has an equally fine booty!

An online conversation between two players on an online game:

Player 1 : Man, kiss my nalgas ! I was going to buy that bow on the broker and now it?s gone.

Player 2 : Damn, homey, sucks to be you! Just go forge your own dude!

Player 1 : I can?t, it?s rare. Made from rare materials. I have been collecting the necessary materials for months now and I still am not even halfway there, LOL!

Alternatives to ?Nalgas?

As you can imagine, there are several ways you can say ?nalgas? that still convey the same meaning. Some of the other ways you can say this word include:




Nalgas Meaning Infographic

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