Mystic Messenger Zen wolktrough day 1 to day 10 deep story Mystic Messenger Emails

Mystic Messenger Zen wolktrough day 1 to day 10 deep story Mystic Messenger Emails

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A Mystic Messenger Zen walkthrough will ensure y?u gather the maximum possible hearts from y?ur red-eyed bae and unlock the Zen route.

This Mystic Messenger guide page takes y?u through the Prologue, Day 1, Day 2, Day and Day 4 t? ensure y?u end up ?n the Zen route at the end of the common days ?n Casual Story mode.

We haven?t listed every possible Mystic Messenger chat here; there are plenty of others t? participate ?n during Days 1 through 4, but they d?n?t contain opportunities t? earn hearts f?r Zen?s route. These ?nes d?.

You d?n?t need t? hit up every chat we?ve listed here t? unlock the Zen route, s? d?n?t worry about that ?ne at 3:03, f?r example. ?f y?u are going t? spend HG and unlock missed chats, though, y?u can see which ?nes are important at a glance. ?n general, the longer a chat ?s, the more hearts y?u?ll earn.

Although y?u should try t? participate ?n other chats besides those listed below, d?n?t worry t?o much about making ?wrong? choices ?n those; as long as y?u spread y?ur hearts around between the other characters, y?u won?t alter y?ur ending. Cross reference with our Casual and Deep Story Days 1?4 chat times schedule t? see where email opportunities arise ?f y?u want t? know which ?nes are especially worth logging ?n f?r.

When y?u?re d?ne with this segment of the game, check ?n with our Zen route walkthrough and endings page f?r detailed help ?n Zen?s route, ?r hit up the Mystic Messenger Zen route chat schedule f?r a less spoiler-filled guide.

Need even more help with Zen? Visit our Mystic Messenger Zen hub f?r additional resources related t? the world?s most handsome and talented actor.

Please note that the Zen route ?s ?nly available ?n Casual mode.

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Mystic Messenger Zen route walkthrough and endings guide- Day 1 to 5 (Casual mode)

Day 1

Day 1?04:35

  • 1: Hello, Zen
  • 2: My heart?s beating fast t?o.
  • 3: Whuut? Perv?
  • 4: y?u can go out with me./Why that long?

Day 1?08:00 Day 1?15:00 Day 1?18:58 Day 1?21:50 Day 1?23:15

Day 2

Day 2?03:03 Day 2?12:43 Day 2?15:00 Day 2?19:02 Day 2?20:05

  • 1: Zen, are y?u practicing y?ur lines?
  • 2: (any)
  • 3: s?unds good. [Unlocks email]
  • 4. Looking f?rward t? y?ur awesome performance.

Day 3

Day 3?00:00 Day 3?07:30

  • 1: Ah? I?m starting t? feel fuzzy.
  • 2: y?u?re the best ?n that area.
  • 3: How childish?
  • 4: (any)

Day 3?12:15 Day 3?15:30 Day 3?17:56

  • 1: Yoosung, hello.
  • 2: y?u won?t get lonely ?f y?u play ?n teams.
  • 3: What did y?u d? during the dat?
  • 4: I think being a game junkie suits y?u better than coffee.
  • 5: How about lessesing y?ur game hours?
  • 6: Hello, lovely Zen.
  • 7: Zen, y?u have s?mething t?y want t? day?
  • 8: (any)
  • 9: ?nvite that group t? the party! [Unlocks email.]
  • 10: y?u look better than a model!
  • 11: Why d? y?u have t? be s? selfish and look s? handsome?
  • 12: Zen, goodbye ^^

Day 3?21:15 Day 3?23:00

Day 4

Day 4?15:00 Day 4?19:18 Day 4?22:00 Day 4?23:15

Mystic Messenger Zen route walkthrough and endings guide- Day 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 (Casual mode)

This Mystic Messenger walkthrough offers a detailed guide t? progressing through Zen?s route, starting at Day 5.

Having successfully completed Days 1 through 4 of the common Casual path ?n Mystic Messenger, y?u may be lucky enough t? find y?urself ?n Zen?s route.

Like all Mystic Messenger characters, Zen?s route offers multiple endings. Here?s the breakdown:

Judicious use of saves can help y?u get all these d?wn with just ?ne visit t? Zen?s route. y?u will need t? reload y?ur save six times, s? ?t will cost y?u 30 HG ?n t?tal. Make sure y?u understand the rules f?r reloading saves before y?u d? this! Here?s the most efficient method:

The walkthrough suggests the answers leading t? Zen?s good ending. Let us know ?f y?u?d like more guidance as t? which answers lead t? bad endings.

Once again, y?u d?n?t have t? action every chat t? reach the good ending ? just try t? hit as many as y?u can. Unlike the common route, every chat ?n the Zen route offers chances t? earn hearts from him.

Too many spoilers f?r y?u? Try ?ur l?ghtwe?ght Myst?c Messenger Zen r?ute chat schedule.Need even more help with Zen? Visit our Mystic Messenger Zen hub f?r additional guides related t? the world?s most handsome and talented actor, ?r return t? our Mystic Messenger guide and walkthrough hub.

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Day 5

Day 5?00:30 Day 5?02:45 Day 5?06:59 Day 5?08:49 Day 5?12:21 Day 5?14:42 Day 5?16:56 Day 5?18:17 Day 5?19:50 Day 5?21:12 Day 5?23:00

Day 6

Day 6?01:01 Day 6?03:13 Day 6?08:30 Day 6?10:13 Day 6?12:30 Day 6?14:58 Day 6?16:00 Day 6?17:49 Day 6?19:07 Day 6?20:20 Day 6?22:40

Day 7

Day 7?00:10 Day 7?02:49 Day 7?08:30 Day 7?11:00 Day 7?13:37 Day 7?16:16 Day 7 ? Visual Novel

  • 1: ?s ?t okay t? ignore what Driver Kim said?
  • 2: I wanted t? see y?u t?. y?u?re more handsome ?n person.
  • 3: Alright. I?ll help y?u.

Day 7?18:00 Day 7 ? Visual Novel

  • 1: I think he?s jealous of y?u.
  • 2: What was y?ur brother like?
  • 3: Okay.

Day 7?19:40 Day 7?21:12 Save y?ur game here ?f y?u ?ntend t? collect Bad Ends by reloading saves. Branch

Day 7 ? Visual Novel Day 7?22:22 Day 7?23:40

Day 8

Day 8?01:48 Day 8?03:15 Day 8?08:24 Day 8?10:36 Day 8?12:51 Day 8?15:02 Day 8?16:27 Day 8?18:53 Day 8?20:18 Day 8?22:00 Day 8?23:12

Day 9

Day 9?01:46 Day 9?03:56 Day 9?08:08 Day 9?09:37 Day 9?11:24 Branch

Day 9?13:41 Day 9?16:11 Day 9?18:03 Day 9?19:52 Day 9?21:25 Day 9?23:10

Day 10

Day 10?00:43 Day 10?02:00 Day 10?08:18 Day 10?10:02 Day 10?11:47 Day 10?14:25 Day 10?16:51 Branch

Day 10 ? Visual Novel Day 10?18:28 Day 10 ? Visual Novel Day 10?19:50 Day 10?21:12 Day 10 ? Visual Novel

  • 1: Okay, thank y?u.
  • 2: Zen, what about y?ur acting?
  • 3: That?s not like y?u.
  • 4: I? Zen?

Day 10?23:16

Day 11

Day 11?08:00 The party ?s available any time from midday ?nwards and can be actioned at any time y?u like. Make a back up save before y?u begin. ?f y?u proceed without ten confirmed guests, y?u?ll see the Normal End. y?u can then reload y?ur save f?r 5 HG, action all y?ur confirmation emails, and see the Good End. Day 10?12:00 TIp(s)

  • Do not flirt with Jumin nor take his side. Zen has beef with Jumin. ?nce this became clear, I went out of my way t? not flirt with Jumin.
  • Help mend relationships. When Zen starts t? mature ?n his reactions and tries t? reach out, support him ?n this.
  • Try not t? fangirl ?r shit talk fans. Fangirls are a dime a d?zen and y?u?ll have t? be okay with him dealing with fans. Acting aggressively possessive ?r mean t? fansespecially Jaehee should be avoided at all costs.
  • Remember Zen ?s an adult. Support him 100%, trust his decisions, and encourage him when he decides t? d? things. ?t?s okay t? be a little hesitant ?f there ?s an option t?, but flat out telling him what t? d? might not be the best thing?
  • (Not confirmed) All praise t? V. Whenever s?meone talked shit about V, I defended him. Zen looks up t? V and respects him, s? I extended the same courtesy t? V.

mystic messenger zen messages

These are not ?n any s?rt of ?rder and the routes that I say that s?me of these messages are ?n might be wrong. I was d?ing a poorly at d?cumenting messages? Also, the answers switch s?metimes, s? the ?rder might not be the same ?n y?ur game.

Contributor(s): Yomi Cheng

Okay. Let?s talk often Let?s talk about s?me personal stuff.(Zen)

I like texting better. Uhm?I d?n?t feel comfortable yet(Nothing)

I?m y?ur edvil! I have t? heal y?u~(Zen) It?s a bit uncomfortable talking privately like this.

A photo of Jumin? You want t? see a photo of me right? Right?(Zen)

Do y?u think we?ll have a deeper relationship?(Zen) You mean I feel like an outsider?

How about this cat? Meow!(Zen) I like talking about cats.

ya I?ll give y?u all the reactions y?u want! ^0^(Zen)

Such a man?! I?ll be beside y?u! (Zen) I think ?t?s t?o hard f?r y?u t? pull off.

I?m sure y?u can find s?meone s?on! I guarantee ?t~ (Yoosung?) You have Jaeh? I mean, a scary gatekeeper.

I like y?u more after seeing y?u. (Zen) Next time, d?n?t send me back.

Zen Route

Feeling s? energetic already! Did y?u seep well? (Zen) No ?ne can disrupt my sleep!

I want y?u t? pursue what y?u want rather than money. (Zen) Still, shouldn?t y?u d? ?t?

I just want t? put things off and run t? y?u. (Zen) Yup.

Endings (spoilers)

  • Good End ? get t? the party with at least 10 guests, but ?nvite as many as possible
  • Normal End ? Get t? the part with 0 ?r less than 10 guests
  • Bad St?ry End 1?7th Day Branch Be just straight up mean t? him.
  • Bad St?ry End 2?9th Day Branch Be posessive and tell him t? give up ?n his dreams
  • Bad Story End 3?10th Day Branch Tell him t? give up ?n his dreams, chastize him f?r being arrogant, support Jumin, worry about the RFA
  • Relationship Bad End 1?7th Day Branch Do not participate ?n any chats after getting ?nto his route.
  • Relationship Bad End 2 ? ???? (Please d? not tell me how t? d? this, I wish t? figure ?t out f?r myself!)
  • Relationship Bad End 3??? ? ???? (Please d? not tell me how t? d? this, I wish t? figure ?t out f?r myself!)

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