My Wife Is Never Happy No Matter What I Do: Why Is My Wife Never Happy With Anything I Do

My Wife Is Never Happy No Matter What I Do: Why Is My Wife Never Happy With Anything I Do

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My wife is never happy no matter what I do ? Why is my wife never happy with anything I do.

Are you having a tough time right now because your wife is unhappy?

If you are then you?re not alone and certainly not the only that?s ever been in that same position.

I?ve been there myself (more than a few times) and want to tell you about some things I did?

What to Do If Your Wife Is Unhappy?

So your wife is unhappy and you?re worried that she may never come out of it.

You?re worried because the things that you?ve tried haven?t worked and now you don?t know what the heck to do.

I?ve been there, and I know it?s not fun. My wife and I had some really bad periods, and she wasn?t just unhappy, she downright was miserable. So if I could break away from that then we can surely get you through it.

So here are 3 Essential Things to Do If Your Wife is Unhappy?

Most husbands will make some serious mistakes when their wife is unhappy and will actually screw things up worse. I did at first, until I got really good advice of what to do, and I truly turned things around.

First ? Don?t Panic!? All too often, as soon as something goes wrong, or just doesn?t seem right, us husbands will panic! This is because it seems like something we can?t control right away.

But you have to remember that things aren?t always going to be on the upswing. Marriage is a rollercoaster ride. No, let me rephrase that?it?s THE roller coaster ride of all roller coaster rides, so there?s going to be times when things are going to be wacky and on the downward slope, rather than running smoothly and straight ahead.

Panicking will get you nowhere but in more trouble, because it will basically just cause you to do something dumb.

Second ? Listen? Very often my wife wouldn?t tell me what was wrong. Why she did this I haven?t a clue. But from what I?ve heard from friends, and other people who come to me for marriage advice is that this isn?t something unique to my wife.

But the problem is that as husbands?as men?we don?t learn to read between the lines. Women don?t always communicate their problems as straight forward as men. So we?re left guessing what the heck it is that?s wrong that we?re supposed to be fixing. Yes, if you?re like me, you?re always trying to fix whatever?s broken. When you don?t know the problem it can be pretty darn frustrating right?especially when there?s no owner?s manual to refer to.

But if your wife is unhappy, even if she?s not saying why, she will likely give you plenty of clues. You just have to listen for them, and look for them. It could be a passing comment that you made. It could be something that?s bothering her about herself or her life. Maybe she?s not feeling appreciated (one of the main causes of divorce). There?s a lot of stuff that could be affecting her feelings and making her unhappy.

Third ? Don?t Get Mad? Man it can be so frustrating when you wife is unhappy and not treating very well because of it. Especially if you don?t feel like you deserve that treatment. Especially if you don?t even know why the heck she?s unhappy.

Naturally in that frustration it?s easy to get mad and begin to lash out. It?s easy to tell her that she?s being an idiot. But of course that does nothing but make the problem worse. That does nothing but make her unhappier!

The thing to do is keep your composure, keep calm, and try to see if you can?t help her through the problem. Try to get her to talk about it. Let her know that you?re concerned and that you want to make her happy. She?ll appreciate that.

It?s easy to do the wrong things when your wife is unhappy, but now that you know what you SHOULD be doing you can begin today to get her in a happier place.

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My wife is never happy no matter what I do ? Why is my wife never happy with anything I do.

First of all I am not a great expert but I want to share with you some advises that have enhanced our life as a couple.

Like everything in life there needs to be a time to tune up, adjust, clean or whatever you call it. I like to call it the cleaning season. Sometimes at the ?heat of war? or when things are not going right we (as humans) tend to say or to act in a matter that we might regret. When the time goes by we forget to apologize but the reason of our attitude was because we were emotionally overloaded.

If you are reading this and you think that your relationship is hopeless and divorce is only the next step, keep reading. You will get a cool overview on how to get your marriage back.

In order to make sure to clean all those frictions, follow these tips to help you enhance your relationship:

Preparing the field: I like to call it that way because you need to see your relationship as a team. One person weakness can be the other person strength. How to prepare the field if you want your marriage back? Well, it has to be some place neutral. No kids, no friends, nobody except both of you. It might be a restaurant that you like or a place to take a cup of coffee. Schedule the date and time and both agree to get there.

Emotions out, respect in: Do not bring your emotions to this meeting, just bring a fresh open mind to hear and to be listened by your partner. A very important rule is that none of you can raise the voice, say bad words or something, respect comes first.

Creation process: Before going there, think about what you want to create and that you will not stand up from the table until you create what you wanted. Do you want to create communication? do you want to create love? do you want to create passion? It is up to you

The exercise: You need to take with you a notepad and a pen because this will get interesting. Once you both have something to write on, you will first write down what nerves you from your partner. The top 5 things that you simply can not live with, that drives you nuts. Afterward, you are going to write the top 5 things that you like most about your partner. If feelings have been hurt, it might be kind of difficult to think about it at the beginning but you can also think about the things that made you fall in love of him or her. Because it could be that you fell in love of the sense of humour which has been lost or something. Just think about the top 5, no more.

Throwing the ball: After you wrote it, you will have to exchange your lists. It is quite important that you do not avoid anything, just write it as it is without fear and very nice surprises will happen. Up to this point, emotions need to be managed, think positive.

Negotiation: You will be really surprised about what your partner likes about you and what he or she dislikes. Perhaps he gets very upset when you leave the garage door open and you did not even know about it. However, the best part until this point is that you both have points to negotiate. Do you see the power of this? I mean, perhaps he does not like you to leave the garage door open but she does not like you to squeeze the toothpaste. Or she loved your sense of humour that you lost along the way.

Of course, both of you will have to make additional efforts to avoid making what drives your couple nuts but this will be like a relief valve and a lot of stress can be reduce with this technique. Everything will be taken literal because it is going to be written and few emotions will be involved.

Think about the new possibilities ahead on your relationship, talk in a very open manner. The words that come out of the heart, will go straight to the heart.

You CAN save your marriage ? even if your spouse says that they want a divorce.

You CAN rebuild that passion you felt for one another when you first kissed. And you can bring back that love and devotion you felt for one another when both of you said, ?I love you? for the first time.

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