My Poetry: Erotica, Love, Lust and…

My Poetry: Erotica, Love, Lust and…

A collection that?s a little on the steamy side of things?:

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These are all of the more erotic poems I?ve written since April? A few more than I thought there were? But? That?s a good thing right? ?

Fill Me

Take me down
feed the flame
find me wanting
find my frown
turn it sideways
upside down

Find me

Feel me

Black Lace, Red Lace

Black lace bra
matching panties
little diamond accents
things that you fancy

Silk and Steel

Silken petals drip
honeyed molasses dew
thoughts scatter like
on winged arcs
love lights
prerequisite flight?


A coveting? a craving
a desire feral
a burning? a yearning
transmogrified longing
revealing cavernous ache.

Black Lace

Black lace
thigh high
red silk
sighs in a glide
along my hips
traced by your lips


There?s a scent in the air
Cinnamon, allspice and honey?
Or is that? molasses?
You?d think by now I could


Touch me
fill me
with you
leave me craving
your taste
make me moan
for more

Lover man

Come to me
lover man
find your place
within my wishstand

Riding The Wave

I just heard from you
For the first time
In a bit
Without me
being first in line
And it felt so good
Like I need it?

Good morning

We used to make moments
on mornings like this
Just you and I
Scenting and touching
loving and exploring
every nuance we?

Falling in Grace

I?m falling for you.
And I?ve never seen your face.


Are you ready for me?
?Cause here I am
and I?m coming for you

Brown Eyes

Green eyes
hints of brown
Looking at me

I see you

I look into your eyes
and feel you looking at me
Do you see me?
Can you see inside?

Expectations of Nothing

I stood before you
expecting nothing
but you wanted

One night

ten years

give me mine

my face
your neck
exploring down
that trek


a connection
on my skin
reasons on reasons
mostly excuses

Play with me?

Give me your fire
make me burn
turn me to ash
let us turn
wood to coals
to ash

Passion fruit

a look
a touch
a kiss
a decision

burn me

come to me
wanted one
enthrall me
enslave me


sparks fly
night sky
stars shine
moon light

Your Heat

Your heat
surrounds me
confounds me
and I?m starting
to sweat
?cuz I know

entice me

wile me
? beguile me
? ? cajole me
console me
? coax me
? ? inveigle me
? ? ? lure me
endure me


musk, smoke, fire and citrus
grabs my attention
at first notice

A Piece of Me

Standing before you
I am naked and shivering
Anticipation grips tight
And I am powerless to fight

Puzzle pieces

Here and there
like a puzzle
with a thousand pieces
I?m forming your picture
in my mind

My Need

I need something
I need someone
To keep me sane
To make me whole

Soothe Me

If I laid myself down
In the warm, soft sand
My hair in your fingers
My head in your hands

See Me

If I laid me down
On silken sheets
Bare and open to your gaze
What would you see?
Could you see me?


I am cinnamon
streaked with gold
Ivory and pink
A hint of crimson wine
To direct your thoughts
Keep you captive


My Nails?
Blood red
Down your back

Still, Like a Storm

Silent ripples shimmer
And the people around me dim
Smooth is the energy
of the crowd in my view
But my attention is?

Losing Words

Your words flow
Like ribbons and bows
with my thoughts scattered
caught in the memories


Salt air, Fire pits
Warm hands, Rough cheeks
Soft lips, Tasting tongue
Comfort zones
Long since breached

The Taste of You

Tasting my way from ankle to nape
And back through all of your shapes
Love every bit
Every bite
Every lick

Skin Spice

Follow my fingers


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