My Experience With ThreadBeast, or How Not To Get FUCKED

My Experience With ThreadBeast, or How Not To Get FUCKED

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I?m not gonna sugar coat it, I like clothes. That said, I don?t think I exactly have the then best sense of fashion, but I pay attention. I like looking nice, it makes me feel confident. Growing up I attempted all sorts of styes from what could only be described as ?Men in Black? to Flannel, Khakis, and Loafers.

Over the past couple of years living in NYC, however, and going to school I?ve been inundated with all sorts of blends and tastes in clothing and style. This is a jarring difference from my past life in the armed services where everyone was required to dress the same most of the time.

January 2018 I began to flirt with a more urban street style, and was interested in exploring possibilities, but I didn?t really know where to start. I picked up some joggers from Zumiez as well as a pair of Black Janoski?s and some sweatshirts. This was nice, but I knew I needed some help. It was around this time that I saw a ThreadBeast Ad. I did a little research and thought that they could perhaps expand my style.


According to their website, they ?[D]eliver carefully curated packages of street wear every month, all based on your style and preferences.?

While disputing an unauthorized charge with my bank from ThreadBeast they provided a description of their service as:

[A]n online subscription servive that provides customers with a monthly curated box of men?s clothing.

Customers complete a style profile that a personal stylist from ThreadBeast uses to select clothing products for each monthly shipment. Customers then choose a subscription plan an pay a recurring fee each billing cycle. The recurring fee varies depended on the selected plan. Each billing cycle, the subscription fee is charged and the customer?s products are shipped to the registered shipping address with a shipping tracking number.

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It was $135 for the Premium tier and at the time it wasn?t such a big deal for me to splurge a bit on some new clothes.

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I signed up. I spoke with one of the stylists who took down a few notes. I was excited. A month or so passes, and finally I receive my package.

I excitedly open it only to find, well, a mediocre mix of clothes that I might wear and clothes that I?d never wear. I even tried to pawn off my clothes to some friends and they wouldn?t take them.

If I remember right, there was an olive ?Elwood? bomber (it?s already falling apart), A pair of white ?Diamond Shoes? (this is one of those maybe wear clothes ? but white shoes in NYC is asking for trouble), A blue plaid ?Cambridge Classics? button down (another maybe wear but I feel like I?d look like a cowboy), a hideous green and yellow long sleeve hoody by ?the raw uncut? (I?d never wear that in a million years), a white and gold dad hat (the only thing I actually like in this package), and a pair of ?Huf? Socks, oh and a gray ?Diamond? snap down jacket/sweatshirt.

Image for postWould you ever wear this monstrosity? Shoot me an email and if I haven?t thrown it out yet i?ll send it to you [email protected]

It honestly felt like I was getting clearance rack clothes???and not even clearance rack clothes that looks good, like Burlington Coat Factory clearance. Basically, clothes no one wanted. But listen, I?m someone who doesn?t mind giving second chances.

So I shot them an email and made a few changes. Instead of noting that I would rock any colors I noted that I wanted more muted colors. I also noted that a few types of brands that I like, and that I?d like some pants options.

So I eagerly await again, only to get my package that is, seriously, worse than the package before. I think the only thing I enjoyed from the package is a shredded red ?Civil Regime? shirt. It was at this point that I suspended my account. I asked them to suspended it until further notice and they told me I can?t do that. I can only suspend it for up to 2 months, so begrudgingly I agree.

?Fine, I?ll think about if for the next two months,? I tell myself, ?and If I want to cancel it I?ll let them know.?

Image for postProbably the only interesting items I ever recieved.


It turns out that you can only cancel your account 7 days after the last package arrives.

By the way, this is only mentioned deep in their FAQ?s in clearly the most untransparent way, and I know I?m not alone in this observation judging by the numerous complaints on their Better Business Bureau profile.

That means I would have to get another one of their clearance rack packages for $135 before I can cancel.


But I didn?t realize this (because it honestly seems common sense to allow someone to cancel up until the point that the next charge goes through) so little did I know that at the end of July when I was coming to the end of my account suspension that they wouldn?t let me cancel my account even though I hadn?t received a package in 2 months.

The lack of transparency as well as lack of customer first attitude this company has is mind boggling. It?s absurd. They even play fast and loose with the idea of legal terms of service. Just take a look at their Terms of Service with how they introduce their ToS ? or all least they did before I criticized them in one of my email communications:

Image for postPretty sure this is written in english? but hey, what do I know?.

?Legal mumbojumo, contact us if you have any questions ? and want us to explain this in english. ?

My response to them was:

?Furthermore, the way your refer to ?terms? is interesting. Pretty sure it is legally questionable to tell your customers you will translate the ?legal mumbojumbo? especially as it is written in english.?

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They made some changes to that page?. the ?Terms? subtitle is now?

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?Legal mumbojumo, contact us if you have any questions ? and want us to explain anything.?

I do find it interesting how often they change things without any notification. They even note that they may make changes and apparently you automatically agree if you aren?t proactive in saying otherwise. Here is the section on ?Changes? on their website?


THREADBEAST may make changes to the content and Services offered on the Site at any time. THREADBEAST can change, update, or add or remove provisions of these Terms, at any time by posting the updated Terms on this Site. If we make a material change to our service or your automatic renewal or continuous service terms, we will provide you with notice of that change. If you do not want to accept the change, you may cancel your subscription by notice to us by calling (877) 835?6997 or emailing [email protected], and your cancellation will be effective after your next renewal date. Otherwise, your continued use of the website or your subscription will constitute your acceptance of the change.?

This is especially interesting as I have never once received an email noting changes even though they have made changes to their site particularly surrounding cancelation policy. When I initially made the choice to cancel I discovered that I needed to call them during their business hours, but during my dispute they changed this to allowing for email as well. One would think that this might be important to inform their customers ? if they were an ethical company.

Image for postThreadBeast when you ask them to cancel your account after your account has been suspended for 2 months and you tell them you just want to cancel and they say it has been past the 7 day window.

I guess, though that I must take some blame, I should have researched the company. I should have read that their BBB profile has a C+ rating and is full of people with similar experiences. But hey, I guess if burning bridges and screwing your consumers is your business model carry on.

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This consumers experience sounds similar to my experience. It also seems like they are finally getting on the ball in their responding to customers. Several of the complaints filed in 2017 are finally getting responded to nearly a year later.

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I also find it ironic that they apparently seem too copy and paste responses? Customer left a size complaint and they responded with a cancellation response almost a year later.


What is this company ran by? children?

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There are plenty of disgruntled customers on the BBB website and that should be a huge RED FLAG. Furthermore, get a load of this response. It starts with a ?Hey, Shun?? clearly addressing one customer, then ends with?. ?Thanks Melissa??

?What is going on here???

Image for postShun? Melissa? Do we have a case of mistaken identity????

I guess the moral of this story is don?t use ThreadBeast, or if you are going to, be full warned that they will probably hook you up with garbage clothes and some how squeeze an extra month out of you as you attempt to cancel your account. Be prepared to pay for at least a few items you would never wear and garbage customer service. But hey? it?s your money.

Kevin is a Navy veteran who has been writing for many years, and has an interest in helping others realize their talent. He has been published in an anthology of short stories which you can purchase from Amazon. Currently he lives in NYC and studies at Columbia University. Kevin also produces music under the alias of Bass Savage and you can listen to his music and find his affiliated social media on his website. You can also connect with Kevin at his LinkedIn and support his work at Patreon.


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