My Experience with the Chemical Diet and How to Lose a Stone

My Experience with the Chemical Diet and How to Lose a Stone

The chemical diet plan can help you lose up to one stone

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Not many people have heard of the chemical diet

I hadn?t heard of it myself until I read about it on James Duncan?s blog site. I was sure it was a scam! So, I looked into it and couldn?t find much about it except for it being mentioned on the Netmums website and I read the comments from people who have tried the Chemical Diet. At first, I thought it wasn?t something that would work but I was wrong!

I have now tried this diet a number of times. If you want fast weight loss then try the Chemical Diet Plan as I did. Apparently, a guy called James Duncan tried the Chemical Diet himself and lost one stone in a week. It?s a healthy diet that has been recommended to those who need to shift weight quickly before surgery. Here are some reasons why you should lose weight before surgery. Read 3 Reasons Why You Should Lose Weight Before Surgery here.

Pinnacle Health says:

?People who are obese are at high risk of developing life-threatening complications during and after surgery.?

It is in the best interest of patients to try to lose weight before surgery so the Chemical Diet Plan is the best way to do it. The NHS state this below:

?Obesity is a recognised risk factor in surgery and surgical procedures. Research shows that obese patients are more likely to experience:

infection at the surgical site;

poor wound healing;

bleeding and blood clots in limbs and lungs;

breathing problems;

loosening, failure or dislocation of a new joint.

The NHS wants you to be aware of these risks so that you can take steps to minimise them before your procedure. If you need surgery and your weight is significantly higher than it should be, your doctor will explain the importance of losing weight before your operation or procedure can take place.?

The Chemical Diet was tried by James Duncan who wrote about it and tried it along with others. James Duncan?s reviews and comments on his blog are full of people who have stated how the 7-day Chemical Diet worked for them. So if you need to lose a few pounds before a last-minute event that you?re going to attend in a hurry or even if you?ve booked a last-minute holiday deal or if you?re desperate to lose a stone in a short amount of time, then the Chemical Diet Plan is the ideal way to do it.

Do you want to know more? Read on if you do!

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The Chemical diet plan

Fast weight loss on the Chemical Diet plan is definitely what will be happening once you start using the food plan from the Chemical Diet 7 day menu. It?s an established diet that will promote rapid weight loss where you can lose up to a stone in seven days.

The Chemical Diet plan is a way for people to shift weight quickly. You do the diet for one week every three weeks.

I tried this diet and it definitely helped me to lose weight in a short space of time. I needed to get my blood sugars down because I was Diabetic so I was told to lose weight quickly! The only drawback is that you have to stick to the diet food plan religiously. You have to eat exactly what?s on the food plan or do without. No cheating or it won?t work! And do not weigh yourself until the end of the week when the diet has finished!

The Chemical Diet Plan is a 7-day food plan that you can stick to every three weeks. Apparently, from what I have heard from others, you can lose one stone by just sticking to the exact food menu that I have included below.

Can you believe that it can work? I wasn?t sure about it at first, but when I gave it a try, after two days I could see the weight fall away from me. The Chemical Diet is definitely the plan you want to do if you need to lose one stone by the end of the week! It truly does work!

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I tried it and lost nearly a stone in a week. Anyone can do it.

The following is the food plan that was recommended by James Duncan, where he writes about how he lost a stone on the Chemical Diet. You can, also, read the comments on his blog. There are plenty of truthful comments about the diet there.

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My Result with the Chemical Diet Where You Can Lose a Stone in One Week

I wrote about the Chemical Diet Plan here on Medium where you can find the food plan listed there. Now I want to share?

The 7-day Menu for the Chemical diet plan

Below is the food plan for one week.

You can swap days around as long as you eat exactly what is shown on that given day. Do not change any meal for something else or you may not lose one stone. Eat exactly what is shown!



Breakfast: 1 slice of dry toast (wholemeal bread only) with 1 grilled fresh tomato or tinned tomatoes

Lunch: Fresh fruit ? any amount

Dinner: 2 hard-boiled eggs, Salad (consisting of cucumber, celery, tomatoes, & lettuce) & 1 grapefruit


Breakfast: 1 Grapefruit & 1 boiled egg

Lunch: Grilled or roast chicken (any amount) with 2 large fresh tomatoes

Dinner: 1Toast (wholemeal bread), Grilled Steak & Salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes & celery)

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Breakfast: 1 Grapefruit & 1 boiled egg

Lunch: Fresh fruit ? any amount

Dinner: 2 grilled lamb chops, salad & 1 grapefruit


Breakfast: 1 slice of dry toast (wholemeal bread)

Lunch: Fresh fruit ? any amount

Dinner: 2 boiled hard eggs & salad


Breakfast: 1 slice of dry toast

Lunch: Fresh fruit ? any amount

Dinner: Fresh fish & Salad


Breakfast: 1 glass of grapefruit juice (squeezed from a grapefruit)

Lunch: Fresh fruit ? any amount

Dinner: Grilled chicken (any amount), Carrots & 1 grapefruit


Breakfast: 2 Scrambled eggs & 1 large grilled tomato

Lunch: 2 poached eggs & Spinach

Dinner: 1 Grilled steak & Salad

Note: Nothing to eat after dinner. You can either squeeze the juice from pink grapefruit or buy a bottle of diluted pink grapefruit juice (no added sugar) and add it to a large glass of water. You can buy this at Tesco if in the UK or Ireland. No snacking between meals.

Do not eat anything that is not mentioned in the above meal plan.

Eat only what is shown above or do without.

No substitutions allowed.

No eating between meals.

No alcohol.

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Fruit Allowed: ie? Bananas, apples, pears, oranges, tangerines (satsumas), a handful of grapes & melon. If you are Diabetic then do not overeat on fruit! I usually just have an apple, 1 banana, and 1 pear.

Drinks Allowed: black tea, black coffee, lemon tea, green tea, Oolong tea, grapefruit juice squeezed from the actual fruit (you cannot drink it throughout the day, but only as it states on the above menu), and water is allowed throughout the day.

Salad: Where salad is mentioned on the menu ? only have lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, and celery. No sauces allowed or mayonnaise.

DO NOT DIET FOR MORE THAN ONE WEEK AT A TIME. The diet is only meant for one week at a time, so do it for one week then have 3 weeks off before trying it again. I tried this and it works. Believe me when I say that I lost a considerable amount of weight doing this diet every 3 weeks. The trick is to eat healthy in between doing this diet.

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The Advantage of the Chemical Diet Where You Can Lose a Stone in a Week

Can you really lose one stone in a week?

Who is the Chemical diet plan for?

I recommend the Chemical Diet to anyone that can eat the above food plan for just a week. It?s for people who need to get rid of weight because they are due to have surgery or for a health problem like Diabetes. I am a type 2 Diabetic and I have tried the diet a number of times. The only thing about the Chemical Diet for me is not to eat too much fruit at lunchtime because my blood sugar goes up!

It?s easy if you are determined enough to stick to it and it?s a bonus when you start to see the weight fall off. I know I was excited when I tried it. It can, also, start you off on a healthy weight loss journey if you use the food plan continuously (every month), but add more vegetables, salad, fruit, cottage cheese, and low-fat yogurt to it after doing the first week. I have done this myself and it does work. Then keep on doing the Chemical Diet every third week (once per month).

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How hard is it?

Of course, I am not saying it is going to be easy, but after a week on the Chemical Diet, you can be certain that you will have at least lost up to one stone.

Lately, I have been doing The Chemical Diet every month and it really does the trick and helps you lose a lot of weight quickly. I have managed to keep the weight off too. It?s easy once you are in the right frame of mind and you have stuck to the diet for a while. I normally, do the one-week Chemical Diet and then after that week I carry on eating the same foods on the meal plan but I add more of other healthy foods too. This works and helps you to lose more pounds in those weeks after you have done the Chemical Diet. I am a type 2 Diabetic and it works for me!

Is the Chemical diet easy to cope with? How will it make you feel?

In the beginning, it will be hard. You may get a headache and feel terribly hungry, but if you drink lots of water, then this will get better. Be determined and just think about what you will feel and look like once you have lost that one stone.

Can you swap certain food for something else?

The answer is no. What you can do is do the same day twice if you don?t like something on the menu. For instance, you can repeat day 2 two days in a row if you do not like steak or lamb chops. Never swap lamb chops for steak. The idea of the chemical diet is to eat the exact food on the meal plan. Also, please do not put fruit in your salads. I will repeat what I said above and that is: ONLY EAT WHAT IS ON THE MEAL PLAN ABOVE. DO NOT ADD OTHER FOODS OR HAVE MEALS IN BETWEEN. IF YOU DO, YOU MAY NOT LOSE A STONE IN A WEEK.

It?s basically all about eating certain foods together!

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