Mother of Rapper G-Baby Still Seeks Justice

Mother of Rapper G-Baby Still Seeks Justice


The mother of former rapper G-Baby, who was fatally shot in 2010, is calling on the 103rd Precinct to arrest the shooter, who she believes is still roaming the streets of Jamaica and poses a threat.

?It?s been eight years since my son died,? Roxanne Brown, mother of G-Baby, told the Queens Tribune. ?The last time I was contacted by the police was four years ago.?

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At approximately 4:30 a.m. on March 13, 2010, Gregory ?G-Baby? Brown, 22, was shot and killed on the corner of Archer Avenue and 143rd Street, just blocks away from Amazura Nightclub, located at 91?12 144th Place, where the rapper was headlining a Fabolous concert.

G-Baby was signed to rapper Memphis Bleek?s Get Low Records. Rumors surfaced back in 2010 that Fabolous was responsible for G-Baby?s death because of an alleged rivalry between the two artists.

Brown told the Queens Tribune that she knows who?s responsible for her son?s death.

Brown said her 27-year-old nephew, whose name is not mentioned for his safety, was attacked on Linden Boulevard a week ago by the man she believes shot her son.

It was following that attack that her nephew called her to tell her that he had learned through word of mouth that the suspect is known as the ?shooter? in the community.

?He said the guy meant to kill some other guy that goes by the name G-Baby,? said Brown.

Brown said the man was given G-Baby?s address by a woman who was seeking a different person, and when the suspect found out that he had killed the wrong person, he allegedly shot the woman in the face.

Brown has the names of all parties involved. For her safety, she declined to share them with the Tribune, but is more than willing to provide all of the information to the detectives at the 103rd Precinct when they return her calls.

?It shouldn?t be taking them this long to get back to me,? said Brown. ?They should be reaching out to me to tell me something but they don?t.?

The Tribune contacted the 103rd Community Affairs Unit, which directed us to the Detective Squad.

The woman who answered the phone said she would not be able to disclose any information pertaining to the case, but took down Brown?s contact information and said she would give her a call.

Brown said she has not received a call yet but is hopeful.

?I want for them to go and find the person that did this to my son,? said Brown. ?The guy that killed my son has killed other people. I?m not the only one that wants him caught; my whole family wants justice. He needs to be arrested. I need to see him. I need to see his face. He doesn?t deserve to be on the streets.?

G-Baby is survived by his mother, brother and two children.

Brown and G-Baby?s family and friends celebrate his life each year on the anniversary of his death and on his birthday, June 12.

?I love my son; I miss my son,? said Brown. ?I want to hear his voice again. I want to see his face. It?s not fair. No parent should lose her son.?

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