Moon Tattoos With Feminine Mystery

Moon Tattoos With Feminine Mystery

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Moon tattoo models with feminine and divine meanings.

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Throughout history, the sky, stars, sun and moon have attracted and fascinated humanity. The moon, which illuminates the dark nights in particular, has been adopted as sacred in many ancient cultures and mythology, and even reached as a god in some cultures. It is often seen that the names of months and days are used in the epics as the restoration of respect to the moon and day in the ancient Turks. The birth and sinking of the moon was perceived as death and resurrection in ancient Turks. For this reason, mit full moon olan, which is a mythological symbol, has gained meaning in Turkish folk beliefs such as aging, death ?newborn moon? renewal, rejuvenation, resurrection and maturation in ?crescent?. The moon is often associated with women, and in many mythologies there are moon goddesses. As the sun represents power, it is often symbolized as a man. Therefore, moon tattoos are more suitable for women and sun tattoos are more suitable for men. Sun and Moon tattoos together, it means perfect and complementary balance like yin yang. The most common meanings of moon tattoos; renewal, rebirth, feminine mystery, fertility, development, mischief, cyclic temperament, and rarity. Moon Tattoo If you do, you can determine the most appropriate meaning or combination of meaning for yourself. For example, you can use a crescent moon tattoo to symbolize a new beginning, or a full moon tattoo to symbolize completion. Moon Tattoo Models

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Moon Tattoos It is widely used with cat designs. Cats have a mystical aspect like the moon. In many ancient cultures, cats were believed to go back and forth, or to be associated with witches. When the moon tattoo and cat are combined, it looks like a more mystical and female-like look.

crescent moon and cat tattoo 2shoulder back moon tattootiny moon tattoomoon and wolf tattoo

Moon Tattoos Although there is a perception for women like men, of course. As a result, the strength and gravitational force of the moon are universal. A wolf tattoo howling at the full moon can be a good choice for men.

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Beautiful tattoo model with astronaut and moon-shaped flying balloon, subtle humor and great design. It can be an ideal choice for those looking for different tattoo models.

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