Mobility123 #HandiTip

Mobility123 #HandiTip

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Any electromechanical device occasionally requires some troubleshooting. However, most of the problems that may arise can usually be solved with a bit of thought and common sense. Many of these problems occur because the batteries are not fully charged or because the batteries are worn down and can no longer hold a charge.

DIAGNOSTIC BEEP CODESThe diagnostic beep codes for your Travel Scooter are designed to help you perform basic troubleshooting quickly and easily. A diagnostic beep code will sound in the event one of the conditions listed below develops.

Image for postGoGo Elite Diagnostic Beep Code Reference Chart

NOTE: Your Travel Scooter Will not run unless the beep code condition is resolved and the Travel Scooter has been turned off, then turned back on.

What if all systems on my Travel Scooter seem ?dead??

  • Make certain that the key is in the ?on? position.
  • Check that the batteries are fully charged.
  • Push in the main circuit breaker reset button.
  • Make certain that the battery pack is seated properly.
  • Be sure the power down timer feature has not been activated.
  • Check the tiller console fuse located under the battery pack.

To check a fuse:1. Remove the fuse by pulling it out of its slot.2. Examine the fuse to be sure it is blown.3. Insert a new fuse of the proper rating.

Image for postGood Fuse vs. Blown Fuse

WARNING! The replacement fuse must exactly match the rating of the old fuse. Failure to use properly rated fuses may cause damage to the electrical system.

What if the Scooter?s batteries won?t charge?

  • Check the fuse located on the battery pack. Replace if necessary.
  • During the charging process, if the charger LED?s never indicate a full charge, check the fuse located on the battery pack. Replace if necessary.
  • Ensure both ends of the charger power cord are inserted fully.
  • If the battery pack fuse continually blows, contact Pride Mobility.

Scooter won’t move when I press the throttle lever?

  • When the manual freewheel lever is pushed forward, the brakes are disengaged and all power to the motor/transaxle assembly is cut.
  • Pull back on the manual freewheel lever, turn the Travel Scooter off, and then back on to return to normal operation.

What if the main circuit breaker repeatedly trips?

  • If the main circuit breaker trips repeatedly, contact Pride @ 800?800?8586 for service.
  • Charge the Travel Scooter?s batteries more frequently.
  • If the problem continues, have both of your Travel Scooter?s batteries load tested.
  • You may also perform the load test yourself. Battery load testers are available at most automotive parts stores.
  • Follow the directions supplied with the load tester.

What if the battery condition meter dips way down and the motor surges or hesitates when I press the throttle control lever?

  • Fully charge your Travel Scooter?s batteries.
  • Have a load test performed on each battery.

Image for postGoGo Travel Scooter Battery Pack Diagram

GoGo Elite Owners Manual:

If you experience problems with your GoGo Travel Scooter that you are not able to solve, contact Pride Mobility @ (800) 800?8586 to locate a service provide close by. Visit us online @

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