Meme History: One Does Not Simply

Meme History: One Does Not Simply

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Today, we will be talking about everyones reason to smile in 2017. Memes. Yes, thats right! We all go through memes in our social media lives and there are countless people who use it to socialize with the rest of the world. Believe it or not, there are a few people who do not even prefer to reply with a text message but rather go ahead, choose a meme and reply with that. Memes are popular in most peoples lives, but do we know much about the concept itself?

Short History

Before the concept of memes, people shared all content mainly using emails. Back in the day, social websites were not popular. The first one I remember joining was Orkut. That was in 2004 I think. Then one day Facebook became a thing. It was getting popular very fast and so I joined it too. Memes were not a thing back then, as far as I remember. Or maybe I was just not cool enough.

The actual word ?meme? dates a lot further back to 1976. This word was created by Richard Dawkins in his book ?The Selfish Gene?, as an attempt to explain the way cultural information spreads. It can be described as a culture spreading amongst people on the web through different grounds.

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Memes became very famous recently after 2010 (after steps from videos like gangam style became famous and were used as chunks to display humour).

Meme As An Idea: One Does Not Simply Meme

This meme showed in the blog usually termed as ?One Does Not Simply? is from the famous movie Lord of the Rings. This movie was released in 2011 and the meme features the famous actor Sean Bean who acted as Boromir in the movie. The dialouge he said in the movie was, ?One does not simply walk into Mordor?. The movie was a hit and this scene in particular presented a boom of expressions. This meant it was perfect for a meme. This is because meme being a picture, video or anything else has to ?add value? to the text. Hence, his face and the body language he uses is a perfect representation of what he is trying to say. That is the reason people changed the second half of the dialogue to whatever they wanted to say and created hundreds of memes using the same image.

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In each of the memes above, the same picture does not fail to present a new expression every single time. With new text comes a new idea and the picture simply adds to it even more. It is very hard to provide one accurate definition of meme as it displays any idea or content on the web.

Amongst all other products of the web, memes are said to be the ones that have the highest along with the quickest rate of going viral. A huge crowd (millions) can relate to it and it is shared all over social media.

There has also been times where different memes have been mixed together to make it even more fun.

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People enjoy a fusion of memes and it becomes even more entertaining. These days people are looking to do something thats different, something that is eye catching! Meme?s are the perfect way to go viral and spread the shares around! What?s your favourite meme?


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