MCU: Denzel Washington is Magneto, but who is Professor X — DKODING

MCU: Denzel Washington is Magneto, but who is Professor X — DKODING

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With the X-Men franchise once again failing to rise from the ashes of a Phoenix-heavy final movie, a reboot is now on the cards. And with any re-imagining of a franchise, change is sure to come. Peter Parker can tell you that.

As you may have heard, Marvel might be looking to cast a person of colour for Magneto and among the actors on their wishlist is none other than Denzel Washington. It looks like Denzel Washington?s dark past could be the reason that Marvel Studios is approaching him as the future Magneto. Marvel is searching for a Black Actor who could play the role of Magneto and there is only Denzel Washington is one star who is suitable. Marvel Studios is also finding a new cast member that could fit the role of Professor X in the upcoming X-men movie.

Now, a lot of long-time fans of the franchise might be flipping out but just hear us out. We have actually come up with a few justifications to Marvel?s tentative decision on casting for the role of one of the most iconic villains of all times. So without further ado, here are a few reasons why would love to see Denzel Washington reprise the role of Magneto.

Denzel Washington As Magneto: A Man Of Colour?

A lot of people might argue casting a black man for a Jewish character would be nothing but sacrilegious to the character itself and the originality would be lost. Fair enough, but we have a counter-argument to that. ?1. Not all Jews are white. ?2. Both Sir Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender are non-Jewish actors. While Marvel studios have a find a suitable character Professor X which previously played by James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart.

You don?t need anyone else to tell you what iconic levels these two actors have taken this character to. Denzel is no stranger to giving hard-hitting performances. So, choosing Denzel Washington as Magneto, we say, ?Well played boys?.

Denzel Washington As Magneto: A Hurricane of Talent

Magneto is a character who has seen quite a number of monstrosities in his life being a Jewish boy held in a concentration camp. Washington, as most of his characters, has portrayed disturbed and cold characters quite perfectly.

His portrayal of a wrongly convicted boxer in The Hurricane left us in awe. We don?t think there can be a stronger justification for Denzel Washington playing Magneto. So Marvel Studios would be needing a great choice for Professor X, a cast who could play of well with Washington.

Denzel Washington As Magneto: The Eli way

There?s another reason why we think Denzel Washington can play Magneto. And that?s the immense sense of self-control the character has. Magneto is the mastermind with an intention to enslave humanity in the name of mutant-kind, but even in doing so, he rarely loses his control and never distracts from his goals. He?s a man on a purpose.

A similar character that Washington has played would be in The Book Of Eli. Being a man on a purpose himself, Eli walks all the way to the west to submit the last copy of the Bible. Being In a post-apocalyptic world can seriously mess up with your head. But Washington?s Eli shows full control over himself and stay focused. We believe those traits could help him play the role of another focused man.

Denzel Washington As Magneto: A Dark Past

Magneto was on a rogue mutant hell-bent, destroying humanity before he witnesses humanity getting destroyed. His days in Warsaw and Auschwitz in Nazi Germany, Max aka Magneto has seen his family getting being killed but kept his will to live intact. Denzel had played such characters before, like Melvin Tolson in The Great Debaters where he witnesses how blacks are treated today in the American South.

He leads his school team to go against all odds and get into a debate against Harvard. Portraying Magneto would require an observant attitude and consciousness of what is happening around him. Washington?s ability to play said character can help him play Magneto with ease.

In other news, Marvel is planning to replace Professor X actor James McAvoy with a new face. While the news is confirmed, no actor has been linked with the role as the new Professor X.

Originally published at on September 28, 2019.


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