Mafia City, Farming Guide , For Beginners & Advanced Players

Mafia City, Farming Guide , For Beginners & Advanced Players

In order to make rapid progress in the game without spending you will need to have farm accounts. Farm accounts will help you get resources much faster which will enable you to keep both your building queues and your investment queue busy at all times.

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This post is going to tell you everything from the basics of setting up farm accounts to more advanced stuff like how to upgrade and use these accounts to get the most out of them. You can take a look at this video if you don?t want to read the entire post:

1. Setting up your farm

In order to create a farm account, you will have to start a new game. To do that, click on your avatar at the top left of the screen. Then go to settings (bottom right). Then select Account. Finally select ?Start a new game?. HOWEVER, BEFORE YOU START A NEW GAME, MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CURRENT ACCOUNT IS BOUND TO GOOGLE PLAY OF FACEBOOK OTHERWISE YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR PROGRESS. Also, before you start a new game make sure you know which city you are in. This will make it easier for you to teleport your farm account to the city in which your main account is.

Once you start a new mafia worldwide game , you?ll be asked to build and upgrade a few buildings and train a few troops. Once you finish doing those tasks make sure you bind this account immediately to a google play or facebook account that is different from the one you bound to your main. To bind, go to Settings ?> Account ?> Bind Google.

Once you?re done binding your account, you will have to teleport to the city in which your main account is in. To do this, select the map option that you can find towards the bottom left of the city map. Once you do this you will find the miniature city map, select the globe option which can be found at the bottom left. This will take you to the world map. From here, you will be able to move to the city in which your main account is.

Once you move to your original city join your main clan or farm clan & start upgrading your farm account immediately. You can easily get it to mansion level 6 or even 7 in one day. Make good use of all of your speed ups and don?t hoard them as you will have to level up your farm to Mansion level 15 as soon as possible.

2. Leader Skills

You should have 3 different types of farms ? Cash, Cargo and Arms. Depending upon the type you can choose to invest your skill points in different growth skills. For example, in case of your cargo farms, you would want to invest your skill points in all cargo skills & in case of your cash farms, you?ll want to invest them in cash skills.

I wouldn?t recommend creating separate farms for metal mainly because the skill tree only allows you to choose between cash, cargo and arms. To unlock metal skills you will need to get your farms to level 31 which is very difficult to achieve on your farms. So, it?s better to farm Metal as your secondary resource on all 3 types of farms. (I?ll go into the details when we discuss Robbing)

3. Babes

For your farm accounts, you should unlock all resource production skills, troop load skills, single crew training increase skills, hospital capacity increase skills and the advance gem making skill. You don?t really need to max out all the babes in your farms to unlock these skills. Here?s a list of babes along with the recommended favor that you should get them to:

Diana (180 favor): Getting Diana to 180 favor will give you all her resource production skills and Troop load skills. The remaining skills are not very useful for your farm account so it doesn?t make a lot of sense to upgrade her beyond 180 favor.

Mai Hanano (300 favor): Getting Mai to 300 favor will increase your training size by 50 and it also unlocks the advance gem making skill which will allow you to rob green quality gems at the lapidary complex. With the advance gem making skill unlocked you won?t stop robbing gems even if you are offline for more than a day (if you have 6 gem making slots). The remaining skills are mainly battle skills and are of no use to your farms.

Grace (1000 favor): Grace is the only babe that you should max out on your farm accounts. Her first 2 skills increase the hospital capacity by 3000 & her last 3 skills increase the single training size by 150 and troop load by 10%

Catherine (270 favor): Catherine should be upgraded only upto 270 favor to increase the hospital capacity by 5000. All her other skills are battle skills and are not useful for your farms.

Karina (620 favor): Upgrading Karina to 620 favor is enough to unlock all her resource production skills. All her remaining skills are battle skills.

4. Equipment

Just like babes, you don?t really want to get battle equipment. I would recommend getting equipment that gives you more hospital capacity, more troop load and in case of your cash farms, more cash production. Again, since it is your farm account, you don?t really want equip any equipment beyond blue quality. This is mainly because the equipment that give good buffs are usually high level ones & it will take you ages to get high level purple or higher quality equipment. So just stick with blue.

5. Investment

Depending upon your farm type you should invest in resource production and robbing speed of your primary resource (cash, cargo or arms, as the case may be).

For all your farms you should invest in the following: Troop load (Transporter), Hospital Capacity (Hospital Expansion), Healing Speed (Medical Training), Training Size (Recruitment Mobilization), Durability (Wall Reinforcement), Gem Making speed (Gem Making Speedup)

Obviously, you would also want to invest in crime ops crew as well when your mansion reaches level 6, level 11 and level 20 to unlock extra marches which will allow you to rob more resources. If you?re done with the investments mentioned above then you can also invest in troop upkeep, other equipment properties and metal production & robbing speed.

6. Roadster

?Tidal Wave? is probably the best roadster for your farm accounts as it gives you a 40% increase in resource production and a 10% increase in resource robbing speed. However, it costs a total of 8736 normal points which is a lot to get on your farm accounts so I wouldn?t recommend getting it.

The ?Bullet? (The first roadster that you get in the game) gives you a 5% resource production boost and a 2% cash robbing speed boost which is pretty good. However, if you can get 31 more normal points on your farms, you?ll be able to equip the 2nd roadster ?Mr. Freeze? which gives you a 10% resource production increase and a 2% robbing speed increase. Which is a little better than Bullet.

7. Buildings and Troops

As I mentioned earlier, you want to get your farms to Mansion 15 as soon as possible so that you can start farming metal as well on all of them. So try to rush your Mansion and get there as soon as possible. Don?t waste your time upgrading all the buildings. The main buildings that you would want to focus on for your farms are the Mansion, the Wall, the Invest Center, the Hospitals, The Resource production buildings (for your primary resource and for metal) and the black market. Also, if your farms are in the clan that your main account is in then you would want to upgrade the clan club as well so that you can reinforce your farms in case they get attacked.

Initially you will want to have 8 clubs so that you can train a lot of troops. Make sure you get these clubs to level 3 at least initially to train more troops (you?ll be able to get them to level 4 without having to wait once you reach VIP 4).

You should only train Tier 2 vehicles on your farm accounts and no other troops. Tier 2 vehicles have a low training cost, low upkeep and a very high load which makes them ideal for robbing resources. If you have the ?Transporter I? property at level 10 (15% increase in troop load) and Diana at 180 favor (5% increase in troop load). It should only take 16,500 T2 vehicles to completely rob a normal level 7 resource point. So, in case you have 5 marches. You would only need to have 82,500 T2 vehicles to rob 5 level 7 resource points. Once you train 82,500 T2 vehicles & have a hospital capacity of at least 82,500 (having 8 level 15 hospitals, Hospital Expansion I property at level 10 & babe grace at 120 favor will give you a hospital capacity of 83,000) you can get rid of your clubs. Just keep one club in case you need to upgrade it for any quest. Now you will be able to build more smelters which will allow your farms to produce more metal.

8. Robbing

It is hard to increase the metal robbing speed mainly because unlocking the metal robbing skills require a very high level (level 31). Also, the cost of investing in the metal robbing speed property is high.

The best way to equalize the metal robbing speed with the robbing speed of your primary resource is to rob metal when the ?Getaway Drivers? skill is active which doubles the resource robbing speed for 2 hours. This skill has a cooldown of 20 hours so you can use it at least once everyday. If you login to your farms 4 times a day, you can do metal one time with the skill activated and your primary resource 3 times.

If you have 3 farms, 1 cash farm, 1 cargo farm & 1 arms farm, you will be farming metal one time per day on each of the 3 farms. And you?ll be farming cash, cargo & arms 3 times each as well in their respective farms. This way you?re equalizing the amount of cash, cargo, arms and metal that you farm per day.

The only problem with this strategy is that whenever you need metal, you will have to farm all of your farms. Which is why I suggest that you only rob metal on your main account so that you won?t need metal a lot.

9. Donations

Make sure you donate as much as you can on your farm accounts as this will give you clan honor which you can use to purchase resource production buffs from the clan store. Using a resource production buff will double the resource production of a resource production building for 24 hours (It will double the base production as well as the bonus production that you get from skills and investment). Using these resource production buff items on high level resource production buildings will give you a lot more than what you donate. So I always recommend donating as many resources as you can on your farm accounts (there?s no need to donate gold, just resources).

10. Buff Stacking

The main reason why you want to have separate farms for cash, cargo and arms is because the leader skills are structured that way. If you have a general farm that farms all resources, you won?t be able to optimize the resource production and robbing speed because all your skill points will be distributed among all these 3 resources which will reduce your farms efficiency significantly ? which means lower buffs and lower robbing speeds.

To show you how powerful the resource buffs can be let?s take a look at an example. I have a Mansion 15 cargo farm which has 10 cargo hubs. Each cargo hub produces a total of 6332 cargo per hour {2346 (Base production) + 3986 (Bonus production)}. So, all 10 hubs produce 63,320 cargo per hour or 1,519,680 cargo per day (or 2,152,880 cargo per day if I use the shakedown skill twice). Now, if I use a buff on a cargo hub, the production goes up to 12,664 cargo per hour {2346 (Base production) + 10,318 (Bonus production)}. So using 10 buffs will boost the production to 126,640 per hour or 3,039,360 cargo per day (or 4,305,760 cargo per day)

Now this is only the amount that one farm will produce from it?s resource production buildings. If you have enough troops to rob 3 cargo hubs on the map at a time and if you login 3 times on your farm per day to rob cargo, you?ll get (396,000*3*3) 3,564,000 cargo from robbing. Add that up with the resources produced and a Mansion 15 cargo farm will give you around 8M cargo per day when buffed and around 6M cargo per day when not buffed. That?s the amount that one farm will give you. If you have 4?5 such cargo farms like me, you?ll easily be able to get 24M to 40M cargo per day.

So, this was the entire farming guide. I hope this post will help you start farming or if you?re already using farm accounts I hope it will help you improve your farming technique. If you have any ideas / techniques / strategies for farming, be sure to leave a comment down below and share it with us.

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