LIIFT4 reviews are wrong. Home workouts for the rest of us

LIIFT4 reviews are wrong. Home workouts for the rest of us

Image for postIs This Beachbody Program made to make your wallet or weight lighter?

Will LIIFT4 Beachbody?s Latest Home Workout Help You Get Fit?

This is the age-old question for anyone looking beyond the gym and taking the leap to workout at home. With many programs available it?s a really-tough decision to determine which program is the right fit for you. This is where many LIIFT4 reviews go wrong.

Will LIIFT4 help you get fit? The short answer is an emphatic ?yes?. I know what you are thinking now. How can you be sure that it will help me? The truth is that no fitness program will ?make? you lose weight or get into shape whatever your goal might be without one very important thing: ?you?.

But secondary to that, having the right program to follow will help ?you? go a long way to meeting your goals. Let?s see if LIIFT4 is a fit or flop for you.

If you are short on time take a look at the Beachbody on Demand homepage. You will find plenty of helpful information there and they typically have free trials. Beach Body on Demand

My LIIFT4 Review

Without getting into all the details below, I believe that this program is the best home workout on the market today. Period.

Its worth looking into it and making the commitment to following it through the 8- week schedule. The results will be nothing short of terrific assuming you stay consistent and stick with the healthy eating plan.

I get into all the nitty-gritty below, but seriously, just give it a shot. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain and will thank yourself for it. I did, and I wish the best to you as well.

Bottom Line:

Top-notch home workout made for anyone wishing to get into shape and stay that way. The friendly and easy to follow format makes it just as easy to stick with throughout the program?s 8 weeks.

The healthy eating guide and coaching of Joel Freeman is sure to keep you going for the long term.

My two cents: don?t overlook this one. Give it the 8 weeks you deserve to get in great shape if you are a novice or advanced fitness guru. It keeps surprising me. I?m heading for round two. How about you?

LIIFT4 is not available for sale. Not in the traditional sense that Beachbody programs were. Most of them used to be in DVD format, but their program are now ?mostly? on Beach Body on Demand.

Beach Body on Demand is like the netflix of fitness programs and home workouts.

Check it out here to get LIIFT4 and access to all of their programs. There are quite often discounts.

Click here to visit the Beachbody on Demand homepage:

What Exactly is LIIFT4 And What Makes It So Special?

LIIFT4 is the latest home workout program created by Beachbody?s super trainer Joel Freeman. Joel is largely known for his recent home workout sensation; Core De Force, which was based on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) workouts to burn high amounts of fat and really lean down quickly.

Core De Force was, and still is, a fantastic fitness program if you are the sort of person who enjoys a brawling workout. OK, not a literal brawl, but fighter style workouts are fast-paced and a great deal of fun.

LIIFT4 pick?s up where others left off, including Core De Force. Beachbody?s LIIFT4 program fills a sweet spot between high intensity interval training (HIIT) and weight lifting. These two simple principles is what separates this program from anything else out there.

What you usually find are programs that work on one or the other. You find either a resistance training (weight lifting) or cardio program. This is an enormous differentiator. You get the best of both worlds here. Workouts that build and tone muscle along with workouts that burn fat and lean you down fast!

Image for postJoel Freeman ? Team Beachbody?s Latest Super Trainer

How can you benefit from LIIFT4 workouts?

It?s hard to debate the positive impact high intensity interval training has on your body if performed correctly. You don?t need very much time to complete a HIIT workout.

In fact, 30 minutes of HIIT will have you burning more calories than you would normally burn jogging or running on the treadmill at the local gym.

The weight training piece of this workout program will make sure you are building functional strength and toning your body quickly. The high amounts of calories burned translates into to lost fat from the HIIT workouts.

I really enjoy the combination of weight here. Adding the weights will help you build functional strength that will add a nice sharp tone to your physique. The folks at have a LIIFT4 review as well and their view is along the same lines.

LIIFT4 features and benefits

I?ve listed the benefits that I felt are most important from this program along with the features below. There are some cons to the program, but they are minimal. Beachbody lists LIIFT4 as an intermediate to advanced workout.

So if you are brand new to working out you might want to ease into it. Fortunately, there are what they call modifier exercises. These modifiers are there to help those of us who need to ease into thing or just can?t perform an exercise safely for one reason or another.

LIIFT4 Workout Features

1. 6-week program

2. High Intensity Interval and Weight Lifting Workouts

3. 50 unique workout video sessions

4. Planned Workout schedule

5. 30 minutes per day

6. 3 days per week

7. Online instruction

8. Video Streaming

9. Community and Coaching Support

10. Easy to follow Beachbody on Demand user area

11. Meal Planner and healthy eating plan

12. A meal cheat day (we all need one)

LIIFT4 Workout Benefits

1. Minimal workout space needed

2. Minimal workout equipment needed (just dumbbells)

3. No need for a gym membership

4. No wasted time going to a gym

5. Short high intensity workouts burn 400?600 calories in 30 minutes

6. High intensity workouts improve cardiovascular endurance making you feel less sluggish. It puts that ?spring? back in your step

7. Modifier exercises can help novice fitness enthusiasts get into the workout

8. Positive mood. This is a benefit I really feel when following a HIIT program like LIIFT4

9. Reduced body fat and weight

10. Improved strength and endurance

LIIFT4 Workout Cons

1. The intensity might not be for everyone (even with modifier exercises)

2. Subscription to Beachbody on demand service

Image for postLIIFT4 Workout ? High Intensity Cardio with Resistance Training

What Could They Change?

Admittedly, there aren?t many cons to this workout series. Well, maybe other than the workout music that is oddly absent. Although, if you?ve followed any of the other Beachbody workouts, the music is lousy in most cases. A music toggle button on the workout videos would be a nice convenience.

I almost overlooked this one, but I mentioned a CON about requiring a subscription. While this is true, some of us don?t like on-going payments, it?s very inexpensive compared to buying all-of the BeachBody Challenge packs and whatnot.

These Challenge packs can be in the upper $200 range (maybe pushing $300). Don?t be sold by the proprietary Shakeology stuff or whatever else they recommend when signing-up for Beachbody on Demand. You can get all of that locally at the grocery for much less. Your wallet will appreciate it!

All things being equal; the roughly $9 monthly membership has a much better payoff because you get access to the entire library of workouts without breaking the bank! You can do any of the workout programs there after LIIFT4.

What Does LIIFT4 Compare To?

Image for postFull set of online support material and apps

I had this question myself. I mean, what could another Beachbody home workout look like let alone what it could compare to. If you look at the database they have in beachbody on demand its almost dizzying. The workout programs are endless.

Body Beast Workout vs LIIFT4

But, the answer the question is that LIIFT4 is unique to its own. Sure there are other home workouts that combine some form of resistance training and cardio, but those are main some bi-product.

Take Sagi Kalev?s Body Beast workout for example. It focuses on building muscle first and foremost. The workout schedule lasts a daunting 12 weeks, 6 days per week. Maybe one, just one of those days has a cardio workout.

This isn?t a bad thing though. It?s just something that separates it from LIIFT4.

Insanity Workout vs LIIFT4

The same goes for the legendary Insanity workout by Shaun T. If you want to talk about punishing yourself (some of us can?t help it), then get ready to sign-up to 8 weeks of pure pain.

You will be working out 6 days per week, with a recovery day that is really a small workout. The calorie burn will be swift, but if you aren?t careful you can overdo it here. There are also no weights involved. The only resistance training you get is using your body weight.

Again, this is not a dig against Insanity but using just body weight for resistance won?t help your muscles grow.

P90/P90x Workout vs LIIFT4

I?ve somewhat followed tony Horton?s programs like P90, P90x, and so forth, but I find them to be what I call: squirrely. They just don?t flow as well as the others and are too complicated for me and several other people I know.

P90x2 for example, had piles of workouts burned on to CDs often lasting more than one hour each. The claimed hallmark of the program was that the workouts keep your body guessing so that you don?t hit a fitness plateau.

What I found though, is that the only guesswork involved was how to get through the workouts. I know that there are some Tony Horton fans here (and rightfully so), but I just don?t feel the programs.

Don?t take my word on this tough and have a look yourself. I just think the muscle confusion thing does a much better job in LIIFT4. The workouts have a more consistent format even though the exercises might change.

Are there any LIIFT4 workout results and testimonials?

Image for post

There aren?t many actual testimonials out there that I have read so far. What you will find is the positive feedback in the Beachbody forums and the test group testimonials on the LIIFT4 home page.

These are fine, but keep in mind, that the test group testimonials are just that. There are usually a handful of the test group that might have had to go through more than one round to get the body they wanted.

The good thing about this though is that Beachbody can?t misrepresent the cases. It?s illegal. They are careful to mention that the results will vary from individual to individual. This is the case though with any fitness program. If the effort and consistency isn?t there, you can?t expect good results.

My results would not be fair to track here either, I would not want to mislead anyone, I?m really just saying that it is indeed an excellent home workout program and I am excited that something like this is now available. If you have a chance to go through the program, please leave your LIIFT4 reviews here for others to see.

What?s next?

For me, I am off to checkout the next program and see where I can do a mash-up of LIIFT4 workouts with something like Body Beast or even focus T25. I like the way you can mix-up the Beachbody programs.

You can literally build an unlimited supply of courses on your won. I say its best to stick with one to start and see it through. If you happen to read other LIIFT4 reviews out there, keep my observations in mind.

As I said before, best of luck to you and I wish you the best on your LIIFT4 journey to a better body and better health for life. Thanks for stopping by.

Don?t just take my words for it. Here is another resource that goes into even more detail about the program than I do.

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