Let’s Remember Jason Williams- An NBA Passing God

Let’s Remember Jason Williams- An NBA Passing God

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If you?re old enough, you might remember point guard Jason Williams, who dazzled the NBA with circus passing during a 13-year career. He may not have been a superstar, but he was so unique dishing the ball that his feats are required viewing for all fans of basketball.

Dubbed White Chocolate, Williams was a first-round draft pick of the Sacramento Kings in 1998. He had his greatest success with them, ultimately also playing for three other teams. His career averages of 10.5 points and 5.9 assists may seem underwhelming, but his game was anything but. Check out some of his highlights and you?ll see why:

Even though Williams is now approaching his mid-40s, he still gets on the court in pick up games, and scrimmages. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he still has it.

As it turns out, Williams? legacy is far from over. His son Jaxon is a top-notch high school point guard, who has been appearing in viral highlight videos since he was barely out of elementary school. With his Jason coaching, his team even beat one opponent by a score of 104?4.

Jason Williams is an NBA passing god. Never forget.


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