Learning Linux The Hard Way (LLTHW)

Learning Linux The Hard Way (LLTHW)

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One of the things that scares most new Linux users is being able to get around within Linux on the command line. One very useful tool I found which can be used to learn linux is Learn Linux The Hard Way which is indeed as the title states. It makes you go through the process of discovering all the important and frequently used commands, tricks and methods in Linux.

The way the entire set of tutorials has been structured is really informative as it primarily has 3 sections in each exercise namely the introduction, the commands along with its explanations and the extra credits. The extra credit section is something which everyone should try out necessarily as it provides you those ?Aha!? moments which will make you even more interested in Linux.

The set of tutorials is filled with interesting information and at the same time really fun to solve and learn from. One can safely say that there is no easy way to learn Linux than just trying out the different functionalities and commands and understanding what each does and this is exactly what these tutorials focus upon. I highly recommend everyone interested in learning Linux to not be afraid of learning it the hard way by going through these tutorials and exercises. Happy Learning!


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