Learn Trigonometry in 5 steps

Learn Trigonometry in 5 steps

Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics. Trigonometry is the study of triangles. It is very easy if approached in a right way. Trigonometry is all about the relation between the sides and angles of the triangles.

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Right Angle Triangle

In this article, we will discus how to learn trigonometry basics in 5 steps.

Step 1: Review your all basics.

Manipulating algebra practice. That is a crucial step in any branch of mathematics. Practice quadratic equation, linear equation etc.Practice all the basics of geometry, Geometry is closely related to trigonometry.

Learn about angles.a) Right angle: Right angle is of degree 90 and the radian of right angle is ?/2

b) Straight angle: Straight angle is of degree 180 and radian of Straight angle is ?.

c) Full Rotation: Full Rotation is of degree 360 and radian of Full Rotation is 2?.

Step 2: Start with the right angle triangles. It is a three sided triangle with one of its angle is 90 degree.

Right angle has three sides opposite, hypotenuse and adjacent.

Hypotenuse is the longest side of a right angle.

There are three basic sine, cosine and tangent function in trigonometry.a)Sin ? = O/Hb)Cos ? = A/Hc)Tan ? = A/O

These functions can memorize in this way,a) SOH=> Sin(sine). Opposite over hypotenuse.b) CAH=> Cos(Cosine). Adjacent over hypotenuse.c) TAO=> Tan(Tangent). Adjacent over opposite.

Learn Pythagoras theorem.Hypotenuse2 = Opposite2+ Adjacent2

Example: A right angle have two sides 5 cm and 3 cm find the hypotenuse.

Solution: Given opposite =5cm and adjacent=3 cm

Using Pythagoras theorem=>Hypotenuse2 = Opposite2+ Adjacent2=>Hypotenuse2 =52+32=>Hypotenuse2 =34=>Hypotenuse=?34Step 3: Go through the non-right triangle. These triangles are not a right angle triangle.

Its do not use Pythagoras theorem.

Sine, cosine and tangent function play the same role.

There are two important rules,a) Sine rule: This rule holds the ratio of the length of a side to the sin of the angle of the opposite side. It is equal for all three sides.a/sin A= b/sin B = c/ sin C

b)Cosine rule: Let a triangle with side a, b and c, the opposite angle of the side c is Cthen,Cosine rule is,c2=a2+b2-2ab cos(C)

Step 4: Learn the other important function of trigonometry.

Learn about measuring angle in radians. It is a another way to measure angle.

Like 180 degree in radians is ? or 3.14.

Learn three important fundamental identities,a) sin2 ? +cos2 ? =1b)1+tan2 ? =sec2 ?c) 1+cot2 ? =cosec2 ?

Learn the other three most important ratios.a)cot ? =1/tan ?b)sec ? =1/cos ?c)cosec ? =1/sin ?

Step 5: Practice is the key for any branch of mathematics. Trigonometry is very easy to apply only when students know how use the rule and formulas.

For example, you have an equation have terms sine and cosine, your first step is ether change sine in terms of cosine or cosine in terms of sine. Practice on Trigonometry Help Online. Which will help you to improve your trigonometry skills. There are many sites that will provide you Free Live Math Tutor.


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