JustinRPG — The Story You Never Knew

JustinRPG — The Story You Never Knew

?My name is Justin Coolidge and I take care of the dark jolteon? ? JustinRPG

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JustinRPG is one of the most influential musicians of all time- and he never even played an instrument. Well, if singing doesn?t count, that is.

JustinRPG is best known for his three albums ?Linear Pair of Angles?, ?Linear Pair of Angles II?, and ?Linear Pair of Angles III?. His top songs include ?I Love Reshiram Married to Reshiram? and ?Stuck Alone in Lugia?s Stomach?, however this does not even begin to scratch the surface of Justin?s musical genius. With more than 34 songs officially produced, 6 not included in said albums, it can be said with confidence that Justin is an accomplished musician.

So what?s the deal with Justin?s songs? And what was that part with him not even playing an instrument?

Well, Justin does covers of songs, but with a twist- he adds creative, new, and inspiring lyrics to the songs, making them more meaningful than they ever could have been. His song topics include his love for the Pokemon Reshiram and Moltres, with some songs featuring Zekrom (whom he likes but not as much as Reshiram) and others featuring various Pokemon denoted as ?side characters? such as the modest Meganium, the dark Jolteon, and Lugia. Reshiram is his favorite topic of choice for music, however, with 21 songs (possibly more) dedicated to her. Reshiram is Justin?s wife, and he loves her very much.

Justin is a proud Pokemon Rights Activist, demonstrated through his several actions to protect Pokemon. He was purposely eaten by Lugia to protest against eating Pokemon. He took care of the dark Jolteon, mistreated Pokemon, who trusted no human. He saved his wife Reshiram from Team Plasma, a group who did not treat legendary Pokemon right. He even takes the time to carefully explain how you should not attempt to have a Pokemon use a move on your (or for you to attack your own Pokemon).

So now that you know who JustinRPG is, what is this ?Story You Never Knew??

Well I am glad you asked.

Justin is one of the most under appreciated artists of all time.

Similar to many famous artists of the past, society has failed to recognize Justin?s talent. It is very likely that he will be appreciated in the future, but it is terrible that Justin must go unrecognized while he is alive. It is so sad it is so sad even more so because as previously stated Justin has influenced music culture as a whole and no one has noticed. When was the first time you heard a cover song that was actually creative? One that expanded upon the original in ways that made it more than just a replaying of the original, one that gave the song new depth and meaning? If it wasn?t from JustinRPG, then check the date of the song, bucko. A good example is Dirty Loops, they create amazing covers of pop songs- but all these covers are new, from 2014. Justin?s music dates back to at least 2012 (there is no exact date because Justin did not put any of the music on YouTube, or if he did, it has been taken down, and the earliest one of his songs on YouTube was posted was in 2012).

This horrible act cannot go overlooked! We must band together to bring JustinRPG into the spotlight he deserves more than anyone!

His songs are not only amazing covers, but they also speak to people! Here are some great examples of people whose lives have been changed by Justin alone! ? https://spark.adobe.com/page/bHoSXPS2ZSYhJ/

Think of the people who could be fulfilled by listening to Justin?s masterpieces! Truly, if everyone could hear his eloquent singing, world peace would be less impossible than we thought. For if everyone thought like Justin- loving towards those he is close to, and protective of those who are mistreated by others- society as a whole would be peaceful as can be: a utopia.

But, with a heavy heart I must admit that this is no easy feat. All the people in the world share a cold dead heart, one that resists warmth but once ignited spreads the warmth. Society rejects Justin?s music, saying it is ?stupid?, ?immature?, ?weird?, ?meaningless?? but it is only because of their resistance to the warmth that they hate it so. If everyone were to open up and accept his music, we could achieve what was proclaimed in the previous paragraph.

Please help JustinRPG out here. Do a good deed a day, tell someone about JustinRPG!

Playlist of Justin?s music: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJ70xKsj4vh50Ul1M1zx94s_ayENBdSRs


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