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You heard rumors, we heard rumors, everybody talking about it but nobody knows for sure if SHE DID OR DIDN?T HAVE ANY PLASTIC SURGERIES? Is this beauty all-natural or if there were some improvements done with a scalpel? Cause the diva herself doesn?t give us any answers we can only assume, but let?s do this right and base our assumptions on all the facts and pieces of evidence that it is possible to find! Are you ready? Let?s go!

If you still don?t know who the Jennifer Lopez is you probably spent last 20 years of your life in a place with no internet, TV, magazines, radio, newspapers and any other information sources.

Jennifer or J.Lo for those who know her better for her songs is an actress, singer, producer, businesswoman, dancer and fashion designer. She had movies with George Clooney, topped Billboard Hot 100 with a DEBUT single, dated Ben Affleck, been judge on the American Idol? let?s just say that she has been there done that and what is most important looked amazing during it. And still looks amazing even she is 50 years old! Can you believe that?!? If you cant, don?t worry, you are not alone, there are other people who think that there is more than a healthy lifestyle and good genes needed to have this outstanding appearance, especially for such a busy and hard-working person as Jennifer. So what are the most suspicious features she has? Let?s see?

Butt implants

Let?s address the elephant in the room first ? Jennifer?s bum. It is so perfect that people just can?t believe that it is real! The shape and the volume are extraordinary and J.Lo claims that it is just regular exercises and her Latina genes. What do you think about that? Here is a photo for you to compare

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Nose job

Another big mystery is whether our celebrity did a rhinoplasty or not. If you just google ?J.Lo nose job? you find millions of various articles and videos of people proving that she did and about the same amount arguing that she didn?t. We not gonna write a long dissertation about that, instead here are 2 photos from different angles that will help you to decide by yourself.

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Breast implants

Let?s be honest here, each and every one of us seen J.Lo on the red carpet in her open dress with deep cleavage and wondered how is her breast shape is so perfect? Let?s not forget that not only she is 50 but also a mother of 2 which makes us question how is that possible? The answer can be plain and simple ? implants but it is always a possibility that expensive and effective skincare, sport and healthy diet created this miracle. Another detail that supporters of ?Implants Theory? are often mentioning is that Jenifer?s breast size increased over the last years. We managed to find some photos of her in the past for you to compare and decide:

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Facelift & fillers

The thing is if the facelift is made correctly it is almost impossible to say if the person had it or not because the only thing that can be a 100% prove is a small scar in front of the ear, but it is so easy to reduce or even fully remove them with the treatments or at least cover with the foundation. Not to mention that thread lift and laser liftings leave no marks at all. The same thing with the fillers or botox injections ? a ?crime? with no evidence!

We do it this way then, here on the left is a photo of Jennifer in 2000 and on the right ? 15 years later. Not only she didn?t age, but she also looks much better. How do you think, is it possible to achieve that without lifting and injections?

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