JavaScript Basics: String Concatenation with Variables and Interpolation

JavaScript Basics: String Concatenation with Variables and Interpolation

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In JavaScript, we can assign strings to a variable and use concatenation to combine the variable to another string.

To concatenate a string, you add a plus sign+ between the strings or string variables you want to connect.

let myPet = ‘seahorse’;console.log(‘My favorite animal is the ‘ + myPet + ‘.’); // My favorite animal is the seahorse.

Above, we created a variable myPet and assigned it ?seahorse?. On the second line, we concatenated three strings: ?My favorite animal is the ? (include the space at the end), the variable, and the period. The result is ?My favorite animal is the seahorse.?

Using a single quote or a double quote doesn?t matter as long as your opening and closing quotes are the same. The one time it matters if you are using a word that has an apostrophe like ?I?m?. It will be easier to use a double quote instead of using an escape character.

Another thing to take note of is when concatenating numbers and strings. When you concatenate a number with a string, the number becomes a string.

let myAge = 85;console.log(“I am ” + myAge + ” years old.”);// I am 85 years old.

Another way to include a variable to a string is through String Interpolation. In JavaScript, you can insert or interpolate variables into strings using template literals. Here is an example of a template literal using our first example:

let myPet = ‘seahorse’;console.log(`My favorite animal is the ${myPet}.`);

Template literals are enclosed in backticks. You write the string as normal but for the variable you want to include in the string, you write the variable like this: ${variableName} . For the example above, the output will be the same as the example before it that uses concatenation. The difference is, the interpolation example is much easier to read.

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